Back to the Grindstone

The first week college is now over and tomorrow will see the beginning of the second week. It’s amazing how quickly you can get back into the swing of things after Christmas and before I know it , it will be half term. With a new semester comes new modules and that of course means that I have to go through the whole registration process again which is a little frustrating. Picking the courses that I wanted to do this semester was actually quite easy as there were many that really interested me , it was just a matter of making sure there were no timetable clashes and that I was taking enough credits. The only problem really came when I  had to register for classes.

Now the administration at the university here is lets just say not as organised as I would like it to be. At the beginning of the year I was very frustrated with it but I thought this semester would be easier as I knew what I had to do and it would be simple but oh no nothing is simple. I think this semester I had to do about four extra steps compared to last semester as I couldn’t register until I emailed the international co-ordinator for the department which is understandable but then being told that their might not be room in the lectures even though I did the same ones last semester. To the secretary being busy the times I went to see her and in the end I just had to fill out the forms and she would get back to it. To finally receiving an email off the head of a year telling me that I had gotten the timetable all wrong even though I had attended all of the classes that week and they were all right. I am a very organised person and like to get things done or know what is happening but in this situation I just had to laugh to myself as otherwise I would have just become extremely frustrated.

It just doesn’t make sense to me that in one department all I have to do is email the co-ordinator for whichever year I want to take classes in, tell them which ones and they register me straight away. But with another department I have to make trips to offices and send emails to people and fill in forms. It would make a lot more sense to me if each department handled things the same way but I suppose not everything makes sense and at my home university everything seems to be so much more organised that the system boggles my mind here. I have now registered for all of my classes, well I think I have, and my first week is down. I really enjoy the modules I have taken and I am actually looking forward to learning them and doing the work which I can’t say is always the case for a university student.

I feel more relaxed now that I have gotten all of that off my chest and had a little rant about it. I will now just laugh off the crazy administration here and see what happens, hopefully I will not receive any emails with problems and that everything will work out.



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