Why I love Being Irish…..

Well I don’t know if you know this but I am from Ireland and as St.Patricks Day or Lá Fhéile Pádraig was yesterday, I thought I would do a little post about why I love being Irish. I have spent the last few days looking up videos on Youtube (as you do) about Ireland and the little things we do that our unique to us as a nation and I thought to myself ‘Hey that would make a good blog post‘(Yes this how my mind works ,everything I see I think can I make that into a blog post or a video). So I sat down with a little notebook and thought about why I love being Irish and I came up with 5 main reasons. So here we go.

1. Our Irish Language: Now although not many people know this but we do actually have our own language known as Irish or Gaeilge. This is compulsory for all students to study when they are in primary and secondary school but not many people actually use it in their daily life (including me). There are areas in Ireland known as the Gaeltacht where people speak Irish fluently and us it in their everyday lives. Although we may not use it everyday it surrounds us on our road signs and official documents. I’m sure every Irish person is very proud of the ‘cúpla focai’ they know including me , whether it be just a ‘Dia Dhuit‘ or a ‘Slán‘, I love when I can say a few Irish words to people abroad. I am proud of the language and would love some day to learn more of it so I can say more than just my ‘cúpla focail

2.Friendliness: Around the world the Irish are known as a generous and hospitable people. We’ll talk to anyone and make them feel welcome. I feel this is the same for Irish people anywhere in the world when they get together they have so much to talk about. I have seen it here in France when I have meet other Irish people we have instantly hit it off and start having full on conversations. It’s like we skip the whole awkward getting to know you stage and just go straight to being friends and having the ‘craic‘( this means having fun just so you don’t get confused)

3.Irish Slang: Every country has their own little way of saying things and it’s one of the things I love about Ireland. Whether it be having the ‘craic‘ with someone or asking someone for the ‘yoke‘ an Irish person will always know what you are talking about. I had this here in France as my friends are from England and our saying are similar but I remember saying it was ‘pissing rain‘ one day and they both looked at me like I had 3 heads as they had never heard it before. There are many words that are automatically in an Irish person’s vocabulary I think that many people the world over would look at you strangely for saying but in Ireland we’ll know exactly what you mean.

4. Food: Whether it be the Tayto crisps, the Superquinn sausages or a good auld Dairy Milk there are many foods that just remind me of Ireland and make me love it.  From the Meanie sambos to an Irish Stew to putting ketchup on just about anything. There are too many to name but going home and having things you can only get in Ireland just makes me love it. We are also home to the Black Stuff aka Guinness and many other amazing alcoholic drinks ( beer to whisky) and although I don’t drink them ,home wouldn’t be the same without seeing them on the shelves in the shops or people drinking them in a pub.

5. Our Global Presence: It’s strange to think that our little island has roots all over the world. I find it amazing that you can meet someone in lets say Australia who may have grown up in the same town as you or you meet a friend of a friend in America. We truly are all over the world . Sure even here in Rennes I think I have seen at least four Irish pubs if not more and you’ll always find someone to talk to. Along with this I think we may be the only country who has a patron saint and national holiday that is celebrated the world over, sure even the Pyramids of Giza turned green this year for Paddy which is crazy!

These are just 5 of the things I love about being Irish but there are many more also. I truly am proud to come from the Emerald Isle of saints, scholars and the odd leprechaun. So a late Happy St.Patrick’s Day to all the Irish all over the world. Slán.



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  1. Really enjoyed this. I’m not Irish but I have been to Dublin and I really agree that the Irish are very hospitable! Is a lovely place and I am sure I will go again! 😊

    1. xemmamurphyx says:

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it 😀

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