Now that’s a pair of trainers

Nearly everyday you will see me in some form of runners or trainers whether they are my trusty converse or my puma sports runners, I live in them. I’m all about comfort but I also want them to look nice which can be hard. A lot of the time you have to sacrifice style for comfort so I was on the look out for some stylish runners that would also be comfortable. From browsing Instagram and looking at blogs I found an amazing pair that had rose gold on the toe of the runner and  I instantly fell in love. I mean rose gold is my downfall it’s just too pretty . The only problem with these runners were that they cost a small fortune and I could not justify spending that much money on them.

Cue my hunt for a cheaper alternative…

As always my trusty old friend ASOS did not disappoint on this front. While browsing through their app for clothes that I really didn’t need I found these runners and my heart sang with glee, I mean just look at them. From a brand called Lost Ink (on ASOS here) one I have never heard of before but will certainly be looking up to see what other treasures they have.They were the perfect alternative to my dream runners and they were a fraction of the cost which made them even better. They are a plimsolls style so perfect for summer and the rose gold on the toe and heel help to give them a little touch of elegance and style. I find that they made any outfit that little bit better and they turn people’s head as they are a little bit different. It was love at first sight and I knew they were going straight in my basket and into my ever growing shoe collection. They bring comfort and fashion together for me and I know they are going to be a staple in my wardrobe this summer.





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