Birthday Celebrations in Cannes

So it was my birthday last week (Feb 17th!!!) which was very exciting, I am officially 23, ahhh , getting older. Anyway my parents decided to come over for the weekend to see me and to celebrate. After showing them around Draguignan for a little bit we headed to Cannes for the weekend. Driving along the coast road to Cannes was amazing, with the sun shining on to the blue sea, it was just an endless canvas of blue in contrast with the red rock cliffs, it really was beautiful.

When we arrived we headed to our hotel where we had a little 1 bed room apartment which was perfect. It was also a 2 minute walk from the sea and about 10 minutes from the centre of Cannes so perfectly located (good-job Mam). When we arrived it was nearly time for dinner so we chilled in the apartment for a little bit and then got ready to head out for my birthday dinner. We headed to a pizza restaurant called La Pizza Cresci which I have to say was probably some of the best pizza I have eaten, and I have eaten a lot of pizza but it was perfect. When we sat down the waiter heard us saying “Happy Birthday” to me and he also wished me happy birthday, I thought this was the end of it but it wasn’t. We ordered dessert and when mine came it came with a little candle and the waiters and restaurant started singing happy birthday to me , in french of course. I don’t like when a small group of people sing happy birthday to me never mind a whole restaurant,  who also all started clapping afterwards. To say I went a little red would be an understatement , think the colour of a tomato. I swiftly blew out the candle and dived into my fondant au chocolate , all the while trying to calm the colour on my face. It was a lovely thing for then to do even if I did get completely embarrassed but who wouldn’t with a whole restaurant singing to you. After this we made the walk back to our apartment along the beach with the waves crashing against the shore which was lovely.

Me after getting completely embarrassed, you can’t see my red face when it’s in black and white 🙂


The next day we all had a well deserved lie-in before figuring out our plan for the day. The weather once again was lovely so we decided to head out and explore Cannes. I had been before Christmas with the girls but I knew there was much more to explore so i was excited. There really was something beautiful with every turn and I began to fall a little bit in love with Cannes. Wandering through the old town with the little streets and cute houses either side, I could really imagine myself living there. We headed towards the beach to walk along the sea and we saw a ‘Petit train’ which we thought we would take. It is kind of a running joke with a petit train in our family because I think we have taken one in literally every town that we have been in. If you don’t know it is a little train that takes you around the town and you can listen to commentary about the history if you want. It is a real touristy thing to do but it is a great way to see a town and places you probably wouldn’t have walked to. With our little train ride over we decided to get a drink and a crepe on the sea front as we were a little hungry. I went for a gaufre nutella which was stunning, and looking out over the sea on Cannes was definitely a great place to eat it. We then headed back to the apartment to relax a little and get ready for dinner once again. This time we headed to another little restaurant/ brasserie called  Cristal Cafe. I had a gorgeous tagliatelle carbonara which was great, sticking with the Italian theme for the weekend with food.


The next day we got up early to take the train to Monaco but I am going to do a separate blog post on that because otherwise this one would take you forever to read so look out for that one coming soon….

When we returned from Monaco we headed back to the apartment to relax and then headed out for dinner. This time we headed for La Piazza which we had looked at for our first night but then changed our minds. I was in the mood for pizza (yet again) so it was perfect. It is the first place that I have seen in France that does a pizza with pineapple on it which is my favourite and it didn’t disappoint. Along with this I had a mousse au chocolat for the first time since being in France this time which was amazing. We had a superb last night and all too soon it was time to get up and head back. My parents flight was not until late on Monday evening so we decided to head up to Grasse in the morning before they dropped me back home. The weather once again was lovely and it was nice walking around Grasse and taking a tour of one of the perfume factories. We were only there for a short time and as it was a Monday it was very quiet but I can see the place bustling in summer with people from all over the world coming to see how they make their famous perfume.

Once again another amazing sunset!

We then headed back to Draguignan where we had lunch before I sent mam and dad off to catch their plane home. It was lovely to spend the weekend with them and do some exploring. Now I have time to have a little rest and get myself prepared before school starts again next week.

Look out for the Monaco post coming soon…





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