Quick trip to Boston


So after I finished at camp I decided to book a little trip before heading down to visit my brother in Austin. I decided on Boston as it was somewhere I had never been before and it wasn’t too expensive to get to from Montreal. I booked my flights and it was only $30 more expensive to get first class on Delta so I thought why not, go for it. It was amazing, my own comfy seat , drinks and snacks throughout the flight and so much leg room. It will definitely make flying normal economy hard on my next flights as it was such a treat. I booked into the HI Boston Hostel which was great. It took me a few minutes to find it after I got off the bus from the airport as I went the wrong  direction first but it was so centrally located that it was perfect for a short stay. I stayed in a 6 bed dorm and it was probably one of the best hostel rooms that I have been in. Really comfy beds all on one side of the room so it was nice and private, a huge locker to store everything in and then plugs and lights beside each bed, it was great.


I arrived late Sunday night so went straight to bed which was super comfy. Monday morning I was up for breakfast which was included and was just what you need to start the day. At the hostel they had activities going everyday such as free walking tours, pub crawls and brewery tours. I went on two walking tours which were great and they were free which was even better. It helped me learn some of the history of Boston although I did not have enough time there to see everything so I will definitely have to go back some day to explore some more.


20170822_122746I would highly recommend heading to Boston for a visit, it is such a nice city and very easy to get around as everything is so close together you can walk or you can get the subway. I would also recommend to HI Boston Hostel which was perfectly located in the centre of town, had everything you needed and the staff were great.

Now I am chilling in Austin with my brother and sister-in-law before heading to San Diego for more adventures in a few days. Prepare for many beach and sunset pictures in my next post.





My time in Montreal has come to an end after 3 great days and now it is time to head off to camp so I thought I would tell you a bit about what I got up to in Montreal and show you some photos. I did vlog on my way here and some of my exploring only to discover that silly me forgot to pack the memory card adaptor ad so can’t put any of it on my laptop but oh well, I’ll have to pick up another later but for now a blog post is all we have so enjoy.

Arriving on Wednesday I was wrecked after all my travels and waiting around in immigration for my work permit but after all that a short bus ride and I was in the centre of town. Lugging my suitcase the 10 minute walk to the hostel was very hard being so tried but I eventually got there. I stayed at the M Montreal which is right in the centre of town and perfect for exploring. I can’t take credit for it as it was booked for me already with NYQUEST but they did good. It was very nice to walk in on Wednesday to a free pasta night which meant dinner was sorted for the evening, then it was off to bed while I tried to stay awake for as long as possible to try combat the jet lag. I made it to 11pm which meant I had been awake for 22 hours but I think it did the trick as the next day I was up bright and early and ready to explore. A short breakfast of some amazing muffins which I forgot to ask what the were but they tasted of maple deliciousness and a nice glass of cold cranberry juice I was ready for the day and it was only 8:30am. I decided to take a bit of time to check out on my laptop where I would go and wait until at least 9am to head out because otherwise it would be an extremely long day.


The sun was beaming down as I head to the old town to wander around. The beautiful cobbled streets and stone buildings are a nice change from the large skyscrapers in downtown. It was still relatively quiet as everyone was still getting ready for the day so it was nice. I headed in the Basilica Notre-Dame and around the old port. The weather was so nice that I just kept wandering and taking turns here and there. The good thing about places in Canada is that everything is in blocks so not matter how many turns you take you will probably end up back in the same place you started so it makes it very hard to get lost. After heading back to the hostel for a short break to recharge I headed out again to explore some more with no real plan in my head, I just kept taking turns and seeing where it took me. Another short break in the afternoon after racking up over 20,000 steps I head out to be reunited with my love, poutine. I decided to head to La Banquise which according to the hostel is the best poutine and it didn’t disappoint, it was a little too salty for my liking but it was still amazing. Then afterwards it was nice walking back to the hostel along by the park la fontaine in the warm weather. Then I hit the hay again before another exploring day.


Thursday morning we had orientation with NYQUEST which meant a morning of getting social insurance numbers and setting up bank accounts. Then I had my first Tim Hortons experience which was very nice, some lovely timbits which are basically just little donuts but they were very nice I have to say. Then it was back to the hostel to recharge the phone and sit down for a little bit once again, exploring it hard work. After this I headed out to meet two girls who are going to my camp which was nice. We explored a little , had some more poutine and some ice-cream which was amazing. I had a strawberry lemonade sorbet which was to die for. After this we walked all the way to Mount Royal Chalet to get a view out over the city as the sun was setting. Even though the sun set on the other side it cast a lovely golden colour out over the city. We headed back down all of the steps to walk back to our hostels , wandering around the city and passing through one street closed down for F1 celebrates. It was a lovely warm night and the city was bustling which was nice. I love summer nights when you can walk around in shorts and a t-shirt at 10pm and not be cold. After walking all day my legs were wrecked and I headed to bed .


Now I am up ready to fix my suitcase , check out and get the bus to camp. It still feels weird that it is actually happening today but I am so excited.

To camp I go.



Toussaint Travels

Grab yourself a cup of tea and get cosy because this is going to be a long one.

With the holidays upon us we decided to do some travelling this week to make the most of it. Monday and Tuesday we spent relaxing not doing too much but planning what we would get up to for the week. I also did a spot of shopping because it has to be done sometimes and I was on holidays, sure why not. There are not many shops in our town, which is probably a good thing for my bank account, so I did not get a lot but picked up a few things. On Wednesday we decided to head to Nice for the day to have a look around and once I found out there was a H&M there I thought I would continue with some shopping also. We got up bright and early to catch the bus to the station and then to Nice, on possibly my favourite train ride as you pass along the coast with some amazing views. The sun was shining and hitting the sea at just the right angles to make it shimmer, if only the train could stop and let me take a photo but that’s not how it works unfortunately, I’ll just have to visit all the places we pass which I think I can do.

When we arrived we headed straight for Promenade des Anglais, right along the beach in Nice. It was a hive of activity with everyone out enjoying the beautiful sun shine and making the most of the holidays. We walked along and eventually came to some stairs leading to the point de vue de la Colline du Chateau, the place of a citadel that was used for military purposes and located on the top of a hill. As we climbed the many steps my legs began to burn and the sun shine probably wasn’t helping but when we made it to the top the view was certainly worth it. Taking a few moments to just gaze out over the city of Nice on one side and along the Promenade des Anglais and the sea on the other. Then climbing up some more stairs and working up an appetite for lunch we came to the park right on the top of the hill and once the site of the Citadel. It was beautiful and as we walked to the other-side we had an amazing view of the Port de Nice.


Promenade des Anglais 


Port de Nice

After we descended the many stairs, it was much easier going down, we decided to head for some lunch. After all of those stairs we were definitely hungry. Strolling through old nice with the market under way and restaurants filled to the brim, the city felt alive and it was amazing.  It took us a while to decide where to go because everywhere looked so good, but after making a few rounds we finally decided on a place. I went for pizza as per usual but it was amazing, there was a little bit of salt on the base which added so much flavour, definitely pizza heaven. With our stomachs sufficiently filled we headed to look around Nice a little more, of course I bought my post card to add to my ever growing collection and then I went shopping. Every shop that I went into made me want to buy everything so I had to limit myself but I did pick up a few bits. Half way through the day it started to rain  so we decided to call it a day and get an earlier train home. I have no doubt we will be back in Nice again as it is not too far away and we didn’t really get to see it all.


Stairs, stairs and more stairs but the view was worth it.

Thursday was just spent doing boring stuff like washing our sheets so we will skip to Friday when we started some more travels. As we were off for two weeks we thought it might be a good idea to head off somewhere and spend the night to make a proper holiday out of it. We decided on Aix-en-Provence to spend the weekend because I had heard so many good things about it. A bus, a train and then another bus later we arrived and headed to our hotel. My google map skills were put to the test when we walked up and down the same street a couple of times only to figure out we were right beside the hotel the whole time, oops. We stayed in an Apart’hotel which was perfect. Our room had a little kitchenette , a double bed and then a sofa bed so it was perfect. It was also located a 5 minute walk from the centre which was a great location.  After we had settle in and relaxed for a little bit we headed out to explore and get some food because we hadn’t eaten.  Having refuelled on a classic French baguette we started to explore. Aix really is a beautiful town with cobbled windy streets, something beautiful with every turn. Wandering through the streets, sun shining down was just perfect. The travelling took it out of us so after a trip back to the hotel to recharge the batteries we headed out for dinner. I had pizza again which won’t come as a surprise but it is just too good. Then we headed back to watch some rubbish French TV (It really is terrible) and head to bed.



I was very excited for Saturday morning as it meant it was market time. I have missed the markets you get in bigger citie and the one in Draguignan just doesn’t compare so I was looking forward to seeing the market in all it’s glory and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint. From food to flowers to soaps to baskets, it had it all. I mean is there any better way to spend a Saturday morning? My friend is an assistant in Aix although she was not there when we were (our timing was impeccable) but she did tell me a few things that I should do one of which was get a crêpe from Crêpes a gogo which was our Saturday afternoon treat. She had really talked them up so I was expecting great things and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. A little stand in an under ground passage you would miss it if you weren’t looking but it was amazing and there was a queue to prove it. We took our crêpes and headed to sit and enjoy them in the sun while watching the world go by. Later that evening we headed out for dinner and after much discussion because we really are terrible at deciding on things we headed to a little crêperie for dinner, continuing the theme for the day.  As we were in a larger town we wanted to make the most of the night so we headed to find a bar to have a drink in although we got side tracked by gelato first which is never a bad thing. After my lovely mint chocolate chip and nutella gelato we headed to a bar that had DJ playing some interesting tunes, everything from Westlife to French pop songs. With my Virgin Moijto in hand we cheers-ed to our trip and enjoyed ourselves. Sunday morning came too quickly and unfortunately it was time to say good bye to Aix and head back after our little weekend away which was lovely. Although I will definetly have to head back, when my friend if there next time.



When the lighting is just perfect.


Market Heaven.


Gelato stop

Now it’s time to enjoy the last few days of the holidays and get some planning done for my lessons in the coming weeks. If you made it to the end of this post congratulations, they won’t be this long all the time I promise.



P.S. This is my 100th post, how did that happen??!!

The trip comes to an end

As the saying goes all good things come to an end and that was what happened to our road-trip.We spent Thursday (day 7) in the car driving back up to my house and relaxing.I had tag that night which Charley came to watch but then we relaxed , sad but happy that all the travelling was over. With just Friday before Charley headed home on Saturday we decided to head into Dublin to have a look around. The last time Charley was over we went into Dublin but the weather was not the best and we didn’t really stay very long. I also really wanted to head to the Magnum experience and thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

Friday was nice and sunny so we headed in on the bus. After wandering around for a little bit we made our way to the Magnum experience in Arnotts. I have wanted to do this for ages and couldn’t wait. You get to design your own magnum . They coat it in chocolate before your eyes and then you can have three toppings sprinkled over the top.  I went for milk chocolate coating and then topped it with cookie crisp, toffee crunch and sprinkles. Then it was drizzled with some white chocolate. As the ice cream comes straight out of the freezer the chocolate begins to harden straight away and makes for the most amazing indulgent ice cream. I have to say it does get a little messy when it comes to eating it and I certainly got half of it around my face but that’s just all part of the fun and it was just too good to think about the mess. That’s what tissues and wipes are for. When we finished our Magnums we headed for Aungier Danger Doughnut shop. I started following them on Instagram when they first opened and have been lusting over their doughnuts every time I scroll through my feed so I knew I had to give them a visit. We were on a little bit of a sugar rush after the magnum so we decided to get one each and bring them home with us. I got a Oreo marshmallow and Charley got a simple jam.

With our blood sugar levels successfully heightened we strolled around the city in the sun before heading to the bus to head home. After a great day we settled on the couch and started a Harry Potter marathon because why not, what better way to spend our last night. Saturday brought our trip to an end as I dropped Charley to the airport and we said our goodbyes.We are already planning our next trips and meet ups for the three of us to be together again as Courtney was not able to come on the road trip.It really is hard when your best friends live in another country but that just means when we are together we make the most of it and keep in constant contact when we aren’t.





Roadtrip Day 6

Today was another day to relax and it was the first day that we actually had no plans to do anything for the first time on the road-trip. We spent the morning reading and I also got started on editing my vlogs from the trip. The day was a little overcast but being beside the beach we couldn’t not go and have a walk on the sand and listen to the sea, so after lunch we did just that. Of course this being Ireland there were people in the sea swimming as we walked along in our jeans and jackets. We don’t get much sun or nice weather so we have to make the most of our summers whatever the weather. I love being beside the sea and walking along the beach is one of my absolute favourite things to do. I also took the opportunity to catch some Pokemon as I have completely given in to the hype and love it. We strolled back through the town before heading back to the house to get ready for dinner.

Seeing as it was our last official night on the road-trip we decided to treat ourselves and head out for a nice dinner before we headed back to my house. We decided to try the gastro pub in the town called Tides which was only new and we were looking forward to seeing what it was like. Of course being by the sea we thought it would be the perfect time to order fish and chips. What came out was two massive fillets of cod with chunky chips all served on some newspaper which I thought was a very nice touch. It was lovely even if there was way too much. We sat for three hours over dessert , tea and hot chocolates while we put the world to rights waiting for the sun to set. There is nothing I like better than a good sunset and even though it was little cloudy it was still amazing. I set up the camera for a time lapse and we took in the wonderful beauty that was before us. Nature really does make me stop and think sometimes at how amazing the simple things really are. Sitting watching a sunset with one of my best friends is one of those little memories that will stay with me forever.

When the sun had set and the air got a little cooler we headed back to the house to relax on our final night before we made the trip back to my house the next day and the trip was over.





Panorama created by Google from the photos I took



Roadtrip Day 5

Sorry about the large gap between this post and the last but I have just been caught up with life and also procrastinating  by watching the Olympics, which I am loving by the way, but here is Day 5 of the road-trip.

With the bulk of the driving for the road-trip done we took the next few days really handy and just relaxed. For the first time on the trip we didn’t have to leave at any time or do anything so we had a lie-in and just took it handy. We decided to head into Wexford town for a look around and to have some lunch. The weather was gorgeous and one of the hottest days of the year so it was nice to just stroll around the town and take it all in. I spent most of my summers in Rosslare and so heading into Wexford town was always something that we loved to do and a treat for us as kids. It had been a while since I had been there so it was nice to see how it had changed and bring back memories from my childhood.

After lunch we decided to head out to Hook Head Lighthouse to have a look as again it was somewhere that I used to love to go to when I was younger and it really is beautiful. There is just something about lighthouses that are just amazing. The weather was spectacular , with the blue sky as a back drop to the lighthouse it was breathtaking. While we were in town we bought some brownies and so while I took a little time lapse of the lighthoue we sat in the sun and ate them. I don’t think the day could have gotten any better, just relaxing  in the sun with  wonderful view. We headed back and stopped in to visit my aunt and cousins who were also down for a summer holiday and then we headed back to the house.

A simple dinner of pasta was just what we needed and then we settled in for the night to relax on the couch. We still had some brownies left and so enjoyed them with some ice-cream while watching Legally Blond 2. It was great to rest up after the long miles we had done over the last few days.



20160719_165659KODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still Camera


Roadtrip Day 4

When we were in Doolin the day before we saw a cute little cafe called the ‘Sea Salt Cafe‘ which we decided to get up earlier and drive to for breakfast. This was probably our best idea of the trip because the breakfast was amazing. We both had pancakes and bacon with honey and an orange juice that was squeezed right before our eyes.I have to say anyone heading to Doolin should pop in for food or just a coffee and a scone. We also got a nice hot chocolate to take away and headed back down to the harbour to relax for a little bit. The weather had cleared down below but we were passing time waiting for the clouds to clear up on the cliffs so we could give them a second go. We were able to use the same ticket as the day before so we thought we might as well give them another shot. Charley did some reading on the rocks while I was busy taking pictures and video clips. After about an hour we headed back to the Cliffs of Moher for round 2.

There was still some light fog when we arrived but within 15 minutes of us being on the cliffs it cleared and let me tell you it was worth coming back to see. The sheer scale of the cliffs and then seeing the blue sky merge with the blue sea was just wonderful. It really was breathtaking and I could see why so many people from all over the world come to see them. After this we hit the road to head to Rosslare where we would be staying for the next few nights in my aunts house. We stopped at Bunratty Castle for some lunch and a break as the drive was 3 hours long. With Spotify on the go and our wonderful karaoke skills in full swing it made the journey fly by.

We stopped in the shop in Rosslare to get some provisions for the next few days and then headed to the house to relax.Of course heading down to try see the sunset over the sea first. The next few days were going to be a lot more chilled than the previous ones with a lots less driving and more relaxing as our roadtrip was coming to an end.



20160718_09384920160718_103343KODAK Digital Still Camera20160718_12402520160718_132530


Roadtrip Day 3

With a good nights sleep under our belts and a nice hot cooked breakfast we set about the day. We took a little walk around the town in the morning, making friends with some donkeys, while I caught some Pokemon (so good)  before we started the day. Our first stop was the Ailwee caves which were amazing. Walking under ground with rock all around was quite something. Our tour took around 30minutes and we got the history of how the cave was discovered, which really was fascinating. After the caves we headed for the Burren or what we thought was a Burren centre as we were already in the vast landscape of the Burren which is 1500 hectares in size. Google maps didn’t really take us where we wanted but there were other cars parked up so we just parked and got out to explore. Although there was not centre or anything it was lovely to just walk with such beauty around us and a great silence in the air. Of course we took some photos and generally just took it all in.

After a quick drive by Father Ted’s House (just so we could say we were there) we headed to Lisdonvarna for a spot of lunch. Re-energised we headed for the Cliffs of Moher via a stop off in Doolin. The weather was not the best as it was quite windy and cloudy but we were making the most of it. As we drove towards the cliffs we were engulfed in clouds and our visibility was very bad but we thought we would give the cliffs a go anyway. Let’s just say that you would not have known there was a sea below other than you could hear the waves but for us it was just a sea of white. It made for some cool pictures and we made the most of it but you couldn’t really see anything.

We then headed for our final stop of the day and our home for the night Miltown Malbay and the Central Hostel. We were surround by clouds the whole way which made for an interesting drive. The hostel was your typical hostel and we had a shared bathroom but it was clean and cheap and a place for us to lay our heads. After going out to get some dinner we headed back to our room and watched Tangled on my laptop as we had no WiFi in our room and wanted to chill out after the long day. Then it was off to bed to get some rest before day 4 of the adventures.




KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera


City Chic

I really want to try and incorporate some more fashion into my blog so on my recent trip to see friends in London I thought I would take advantage of having some on hand photographs in my friends  and take some outfit shots. I hadn’t seen the girls since I came home from France as they live across the pond as they say and it was time for a much need catch up. They know me too well and so didn’t mind taking a few shots for me. We spent the day exploring London which is always one of my favourite things to do and with the sun shinning it was the perfect day for a catch up.

When I saw this hat in H&M I thought that I immediately had to have it and from there my outfit just came together. It was also the perfect accessory to keep the sun off my face. I then saw this gorgeous leather skirt on sale in Promod and it was just in my size so it was fate. Even though it is a leather material is it supper comfy for walking around the city and the colour is just amazing and can work for anytime of the year. A nice loose shirt (also H&M) and some white Converse finish off the look which is perfect for a day exploring the city. These Converse have become my new favourite shoes and I have worn them everyday since I bought them because they are just so comfy. With the weather you never know what it will be like so I got this bomber style jumper jacket from ASOS in a lovely tan  but luckily I didn’t need it as the weather was so amazing. Finally I just needed a bag and this cross body leather satchel from ASOS was perfect as it’s not too big and easy to carry.

It was so nice to get away for a little bit and catch up with friends. Also this outfit I think has become one of my favourites and I can’t wait to wear it again. Hats are now my new favourite accessory and I may just have to have a look and  buy some more. Let me know what your favourite accessory is at the moment.



IMG_20150806_215625KODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still CameraKODAK Digital Still Camera

Austin Adventures

So I know I have been a little bit A-wall on the blog for the past few weeks but I just didn’t have anything that I was inspired to write about and then I have been away for the past 10 days in Austin and just wanted to enjoy my holiday but I am back and rearing to go. I headed over to Austin to visit my brother and his girlfriend who moved over in October to work.I hadn’t seen them since September as I headed off to France so I was looking forward to seeing them and catching up and also seeing this new place they were living in. I had never been to America before or been on a long haul flight so it was an experience as I got up and headed to the airport to start my journey. With my bag full of Irish chocolate I was dreading them weighing my suitcase but it all turned out fine and I survived my 10 hour flight with the help of some movies and music.

Stepping off the plane to a wall of heat was an amazing change from the cold weather I had left behind in Ireland. Driving along for the first time everything just looked so different and so big from the roads to the cars to everything but it was amazing. We headed to my brother’s apartment , dropped my bags and then it was off to my first meal Tacos, and this was only the start of my food tour of Austin but that’s another post entirely.  Then it was time to try stay up and not get jet lagged and wake up the next day feeling refreshed. I had the next day to myself to explore as the other two were working so I got my camera and headed down town to explore. Austin is a lovely city and to me it felt very intimate even though it also felt huge at the same time which was nice. I spent the day taking photos of the streets and the capitol building and then headed to the Texas State museum to get some culture and history in. That evening we went to see the famous bats on congress bridge but it was the one night they decided to hell with it lets just stay in so I’ll just have to take my brother’s word that they are amazing.

Day 2 again was spent wandering around Austin, I walked along the board-walk on Town Lake and headed to Whole Foods for some lunch to have in the sun. Of course more food was eaten and more photos were taken. I went to a foam rolling class the next day with Caroline and then explored some of South Congress which has some weird and wacky shops. That evening we went for a lovely Indian dinner (on the parents) which was on this really cool street Rainey Street where all the bars and restaurants are in converted bungalows. It’s has a really homely feeling to it which was cool. Friday again was spent just exploring before heading to Hooters for some grub before a night out on Dirty 6th which is the party street in Austin and it was packed as it was graduation weekend. It was an experience to see the whole street closed down filled with people and police alike but it was great fun.

We decided to go kayaking on Saturday as the weather was lovely and sunny but that didn’t last long. After about 5 minutes in the boats the heavens opened into a torrential thunderstorm which we tried to weather but ultimately had to abandon. We got absolutely soaked and then had to walk home in more rain. That evening saw everybody on flood and tornado alert which was a new one for me as we don’t get extreme weather like that in Ireland. We ended up being fine but many places got flooded badly. We spent Sunday quite relaxed as everyone was recovering from the activities of Friday and Saturday but I still got out to explore a bit. Monday was memorial day in America but unfortunately it was a wash out with more flood and tornado warnings so we spent it inside on the couch eating Dairymilk. We also decided to watch Twister which might not have been the best idea when we had tornado warnings but we were educating ourselves on what to do if a tornado hit :).

On Tuesday we headed to the Hope Outdoor gallery which is like a giant graffiti gallery outside . It is amazing and really cool. Then we headed to IHOP because of course no trip to America would be complete without a trip to IHOP. I got the double chocolate chip pancakes which were so good, I made a fair dent in them but couldn’t finish them all. After this we headed to CVS to do some make-up shopping and I also bought some Hershey’s Kisses which are amazing. On my final day we went to a shopping outlet about 30 minutes from Austin which was huge. I had strict orders from dad to get him some Levi jeans and then I wanted to do some damage in Bath & Bodyworks. I didn’t do too much shopping as I didn’t see too many things that screamed ‘buy me‘ and once I got my Bath & Bodyworks fix I was good.

Then it was time to fit everything in the suitcase which was considerably lighter without all of the chocolate that I had brought over. With one final grilled cheese sandwich and a cool dancing Uber driver I was off to the airport to head home. I had such an amazing time exploring Austin and seeing where my brother and his girlfriend have called home for the past 7 months. This trip has also just made me want to explore more of America and the word in the future and travel.

Now it’s time to try and not let the jet lag beat me as I try to adjust to Irish time.