Bison Chasing and Ice Castles

I have made it my mission this year to go on more adventures and so far it has been going pretty well. We really have been using our days off to our advantage and making the most of them. It is also great being off during the week as it means that most places are not as busy as everyone is working which is nice. We went on two mini day trips in the past few weeks. The first was just with my housemates and the second was as a whole staff team which was nice.

One place that is not too far away from us is Elk Island which is just on the other side of Edmonton. It is a National Park and despite it’s name it is famous for being the home to many wildlife mainly bison. We packed up the car and borrowed some snowshoes from camp to head out on the snowy trails. After a detour back to camp to get things that we had forgotten and a stop at Tim’s for road trip fuel we were on our way. We arrived at the park which was basically empty due to it being a Monday afternoon, most people were in work or school. After getting a map of the park and some advice from the lady on were to go and that going off trail with the snowshoes was the best thing to do we headed out to find the bison.

We found a large prairie got the snowshoes on and started searching for the bison. Side not snowshoeing is more tiring than it looks. After heading out into the prairie a little we started to make our way to the other trail feeling a little disheartened that we hadn’t found the bison. As we were walking we turned around and there they were, hiding behind some bushes. We slowly inched our way closer to them still keeping a safe distance but it was pretty amazing. We all just stood there completely still for around 10 minutes just watching them. They slowly starting walking away and would turn to look at us but then just move on. All of us just enjoying nature and the beautiful day. After watching the bison off we headed back to the car and continued to explore the park to see what else that we could find. We headed to one of the lakes and just walked around before heading out. It was a beautiful warm sunny day and it was so nice to spend it out side in the fresh air exploring.

The next week we headed to the Ice Castles which I have been looking forward to until since before Christmas. They are giant ice structures in the middle of the city with slides and ice sculptures and then they light up at night. We headed out as a staff team and arrived just before the sun was about to set. We walked through ice tunnels and went down ice slides. It was amazing walking around and looking at it all made of pure ice. The sun began to set whole we were there which created an orange glow over the ice and you could see it beginning to light up. We didn’t get to see it all lit up as it would be about another hour before it would be dark but it was pretty spectacular in the day light. The weather was starting to warm up a little so some water was beginning to drop but it was still nice and frozen. It truly was like walking in a winter wonderland and something I never thought that I would see. It was the perfect way to spend an evening.

Here’s to the next adventures that are already in the planning stages. 2020 is going to be a good year.



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