It’s been a hot sec…

Okay so it has been a hot sec since I last wrote anything here, which is about 3 and a half seconds if you were wondering but really it has been more like 4 months . I suppose the reason is I didn’t really know what to write. This blog has become a scrapbook of my travels and adventures and well with how the world has been in the last few months that was not something that could happen. It is crazy how one day everything was normal and we were all just going about our daily lives and the next we are in lock down and the whole world is in a pandemic. It was certainly a strange time that took some getting used to and still to this day is something we must get accustomed to each day. Although it was a time that saw many struggles , there were some positive things that came from it. The Earth got a break and started to flourish again, people began to reconnect and stay in touch more than ever, the Family Zoom Quizzes were born, working from home became the new normal, conference calls in pyjamas anyone? We found ways to stay positive and try move forward in troubling times that were before us.

My world certainly felt like it was turned upside down, from one day working with staff and preparing for the season ahead to the next driving those same staff to the airport to fly home and Camp being put on hold for the foreseeable. When your job revolves around staff and giving children the best possible experience at Camp it is very hard to go right down to zero and having no one walking through our gates. It certainly took some getting used to as the usual screaming and laughter you usually hear from sitting in the office vanished to be replaced with this eerie silence that is usually on present in the dead of winter. It took a while to come to terms with the new normal that would become our days for the next few months, going from preparing for the next season to preparing for the next year, shifting gears into a very different mindset. While it has been hard to lose Camp for the year , knowing I won’t see the growth and development of those who spend time here, we now have the time to grow to be better than ever for next year. This would involve writing wide games, developing training and cutting lots and lots of grass.

As the restrictions began to lift slightly we started to emerge from our bubble and look to exploring some of the places around us, safely of course. Working at Camp , summer holidays are not really something that you ever get to have as it is your busiest season so this year having a whole summer off we wanted to take full advantage. Also having plans and things to look forward to makes it a little easier each day. So we sat down and planned out our weeks, filling our days off with nature, adventure and road trips. We were going to be exploring as much of Alberta that we could, taking advantage of the amazing sights in our backyard , well sometimes like 4 hours away but in Canada that’s not that far at all. We did also spend time doing some canoeing on our lake which I was always too busy last year to truly enjoy so that was nice. So the plan was set and Shelly ( the adventure mobile) was prepped and ready to go.

First up we started our mission to walk the whole of the river valley in Edmonton, well this wasn’t a goal at the beginning but slowly developed into one as we continued to add to the kilometres. The rain that decided to pour down on the day of our first adventure didn’t dampen our spirits, we were determined to climb to the top of the 200 step staircase. This may sound easy but let me tell you it was no easy feat, as you being to climb your legs start to burn but the view at the top was worth it. It was a little covered in cloud but it still looked amazing. Of course the rain poured the whole way back only stopping once we had been truly soaked and reached the car but it was worth it and the pizza on the way home was the perfect ending. This started the summer of trips from days by the river sunning ourselves to walks in the park to a 4 hour drive in a thunderstorm and an accidental mudding adventure just to go for a swim in a lake. It was worth it even if we did have to wake up at 6am.

By far the best trip that we planned during this time was our trip to Jasper National Park. We had gone on a few day trips to the mountains but they really never get old. We planned a 3 day camping trip with a packed itinerary of hiking, tourist attractions and generally just taking in the glorious mountains. We started bright and early on our adventure with the car packed to the brim to our first stop for breakfast, Tim Hortons of course, we are in Canada after all. Driving and getting closer to the mountains , seeing them rising out of the earth before you is something that I don’t think I will ever get tired of. As I said things didn’t really go to plan on our trip, the 2 things that we had planned in advance got cancelled but we didn’t let this stop us. Over the 3 days we walked over 38km and saw some of the most amazing scenery from the Sunwapta Falls to Maligne Lake it truly was a trip to remember. I could try to describe what it all looked like but I wouldn’t be able to do it justice so I will let the pictures here do the talking. One thing we did get to do was swim in a glacial lake , Lake Annette, with mountains overlooking on each side. With people shocked at how we just walked in not really thinking it was that cold , it was some of the clearest water I have ever seen, you could see all the way to the bottom even when I couldn’t touch the bottom. While we did have some rain on the trip it was usually when we were sleeping and accompanied by a thunderstorm which I love so it was great. I have to say it was an amazing 3 days and it was nice to get away and take a little break and just take in all the nature around us, leaving was hard but I know it will certainly not be the last time that I’m there.

These last few months have been very tough but they have also allowed me to take time to explore the wonderful natural areas around me and take some time out. This has been a little snippet into what I have been up. These have certainly been some hard months and it is certainly not over but just know that we will get through it all and come out the other side. So take the time to feel whatever you need to feel and do whatever you need to do.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back next month with more adventures . Don’t forget to pop that mask on and don’t be a dick.



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  1. Paul Keogh says:

    Great read, as always, Emma, we plan to visit you when things get back to “normal “, the mountains look spectacular, far bigger than anything here in North Leitrim, I’d say Ben Bulben would register as a hill out there! Mind yourself & keep on doing what you’re doing! Lots of love from Nuala & myself. Chat ye!

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