Austin Adventures

So I know I have been a little bit A-wall on the blog for the past few weeks but I just didn't have anything that I was inspired to write about and then I have been away for the past 10 days in Austin and just wanted to enjoy my holiday but I am back [...]

Turning 21!!

Although I don't actually officially turn 21 until Tuesday (17th Feb) I decided to start the celebrations early and have a party with all my friends and family. So as I was away in another country there were many phone calls between me and mam planning everything we needed from venue to decorations and invites. [...]

London Time

So finally getting around to writing this post about my weekend in London but life has been busy with the end of term in sight. My aunt lives in London and it was her birthday in November and my friend is also studying in London so I thought I would 'kill two birds with one [...]