Christmas Baking

So I took a little break from the blog as I have been home catching up with family and friends and just relaxing over Christmas which has been amazing. I have also stuffed myself to the brim with turkey and stuffing and chocolates. Trying to fit in those turkey sambos on Christmas day when you are already stuffed but they are just too good to turn down. It has been amazing. Another thing that has been great while I have been home is that I have been able to bake again. I was starting to miss it so my first day back I got the oven heated and whipped up a batch of cupcakes to bring into the girls in work. Looking on Pinterest had given me so many ideas about how I wanted to decorate them for Christmas . I made hot chocolate cupcakes and Reese’s peanut butter cups cupcakes which went down very well.


I also had a baking extravaganza on Christmas Eve baking treats for my family. I made hot chocolate cupcakes again although this time I found the candy canes to make the handles for the mugs. I also made bauble cupcakes with Rolos and M&M’s which looked amazing. I had made another set of cupcakes but with my luck they just didn’t work out at all so I crumbled them up and made them into cake pops covered in chocolate. I also got to use my new favourite gold spray on them to make them look extra Christmassy. With these I also made about 30 sugar cookies in Christmas shapes.


Although I was not very happy with how my cupcakes turned out I was very happy to be back in the kitchen and baking and everyone seemed to like them so that was a success. Now it is time to look to the New Year and all the resolutions that will be made and hopefully kept.

Red lips and a Christmas jumper 🙂 Standard Christmas day outfit.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.



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