So I recently discovered the site Bloglovin and I don’t know where it’s been all my life. This site is basically like your one stop shop for all the blogs you follow and I am in love with it. I always find a blog on-line that I like but then I either forget the name or just keep forgetting to go back to the blog and read the latest posts. With Bloglovin I can keep all my favourite blogs in one place and see all the latest posts from each. There also an app and as I am a little obsessed with my phone and I am constantly on it so this was prefect for me as it means I can check all my favourite blogs on the go and never miss a thing.

Well the reason I am writing this post is not only to express my love for this site but also to let you know that I am now on Bloglovin and if you push the little button on the right hand side (the blue and white one that says Bloglovin) you can follow me if you like and keep up to date with all my latest posts. Also while your on the site you might discover some new blogs that you will fall in love with just like I have done.

That’s all for now.



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