I ran 5km!!

I know to many of you this many of you this may not seem like a lot but to me it is HUGE. I have never really been the running type, I’m more into dancing but I made an effort this summer to try and get out and run. I love the feeling after you finish a run and I have been getting better and being able to run for longer periods of time. So this summer I decided to challenge myself to run 5km. There is a 5km road race in my village every summer hosted by the local athletic club so this year I decided to bite the bullet and register and well today I completed it.

I ran it in 34″40 which may not sound amazing to the running enthusiasts out there but to me this was the greatest end to the race. I hadn’t really thought about my time before the race I was just thinking about finishing ( and hopefully not being last) but to have done it in under 35 minutes was great especially for my first road race. I have to say that I did not run all of it , there were a couple of spots where I just needed to walk for a couple of hundred meters just to get my breath back and I suppose rally myself to keep going. I will say it’s amazing where you can get your strength from to keep going as when I could see the line I was somehow able to up my pace in the last hundred meters.

It felt amazing to have set a goal and accomplish it and hopefully I will keep running (maybe slowly) in the future and improve on that time and the distance that I can run but for today I am soooo happy with my performance.



2014-08-24 09.57.34IMG-20140824-WA0000

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