I’m going on an Adventure

Okay so maybe the title is a little corny but it is true I am going on an adventure. While you are reading this I am currently sitting in my new quaint home for the year, well when I say quaint home I really mean small room but I don’t plan on spending too much time in my room I hope to be out and about meeting new people and improving my french language , that’s why I’m here. This is my Erasmus year so I will be attending lectures at Université Rennes 2 and taking in all that French student life has to offer.

So my journey to get here was long and tiring . I took two flights so that I would be able to arrive on time to get my accommodation, so I was up at 4:30 in the morning to catch my first flight from Dublin to London Southend. I mean no one likes getting up before the sun or the birds are awake but I was too excited that it didn’t bother me too much. I was slightly stressed in Dublin Airport as the early morning queues were not to my liking but luck was on my side and I got to my gate with 15 minutes to spare. Then we were taken to our plane and it must have been the smallest plan I have seen holding only 44 passengers but it did the job and we arrived on time in London. With enough time to get in a quick breakfast as I hadn’t eaten all morning and it was 9 o clock now, it was time to queue again and go through security again to board the final flight in my journey. To Rennes we went and touched down to lovely blue skies making me feel super excited about my year to come. After this it was only a taxi ride to the university residence to get my keys and I was on my way to y new home.

Although it is small my room is prefect for what I need it for and with a few personal and homely touches I will feel right at home. I don’t plan on spending too much time in my room but hope to be out exploring the town and making new friendships .For now on my first night here I have some pain, jambon and of course quelques croissants to keep me going and we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Let the adventure begin….






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