Exploring a new City

After a arriving in Rennes of course it was time then to start exploring the city and even though I have only been here 5 days I can firmly say that I am beginning to fall in love with the city. The mixture of the medieval wooden beam houses and the grand big almost Georgian style houses, although I am no expert , to me give the city a very homely and welcoming feel. Within in 10 minutes of hopping on the Metro I can be in the center of Rennes and the hustle and bustle of daily life.  When I arrive in a new city I love going out and exploring and discovering how to get around, I may get misplaced (not lost) on occasion but that all helps me to settle into a new city and get my bearings. Rennes is surprisingly easy for me to navigate around and I can already feel myself feeling at home here which is strange for me as I have only been here such a short time.

To really be a local you of course have to go out for a nice meal (Galettes of course the traditional Breton meal) and then move to a bar where you can just sit outside in the warm air, have a drink and have some good conversation with some great company. So that’s what I did and while sitting there as the sun was setting I really did feel that this next year is going to be Amazing.



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