Picnic in the Park

Sunday in France is a day of rest with many of the shops closing for the day , with this in mind you have to find some way to amuse yourself for the day in a different way. I think that the shops closing on a Sunday is a great idea as it almost forces you to take time out and relax. As the weather was beautiful and the sun was shining we decided to head to a park for the day and have a picnic although there was a lack of food at our picnic but we just spent the day relaxing lying on the grass and chatting away.

The park we went to was ‘Parc du Thabor’ in the center of Rennes. This was the first time I had been to this park and it was a beautiful oasis away from everyday busy life with wonderful views everywhere you look. I was surprised at how big the park was with it being in the center of Rennes but we must have spent at least an hour walking around and I don’t think we saw it all. There was a beautiful rose garden with so many different types of roses. What I thought was lovely about the roses was that each one had a different name on a card from ‘Bridget Bardot’ to ‘Victor Hugo’ and ‘Guy de Maupassant’. This was interesting as we kept looking at all the beautiful roses trying to see whose name was on them. It felt so wonderful to walk around in this magnificent park and take in all that nature has to offer.

I could really get used to not doing anything on a Sunday just like the French and taking the time out to relax and catch up with friends and family.



2014-09-07 12.50.44 2014-09-07 12.51.12 2014-09-07 12.53.10 2014-09-07 12.54.24 2014-09-07 12.59.21 2014-09-07 13.05.51 2014-09-07 13.06.44 2014-09-07 13.06.55 2014-09-07 13.09.09 2014-09-07 13.10.46 2014-09-07 13.11.44 2014-09-07 13.25.20 2014-09-07 13.14.00 2014-09-07 13.15.37 2014-09-07 13.42.55 2014-09-07 13.56.55

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  1. stunning photos! i really love the way you capture the flow of the water!

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