One Week Down…….

So as I am sitting here writing this I can’t believe that tomorrow is Monday again and will the beginning of my second week in university over here. It’s crazy to think that I have been in France for 3 weeks already and have finished a week in university. I think now that I have settled in a little bit I can really reflect on the Erasmus process and the things that I have learned. One thing that I can say for sure is the when your coming on Erasmus there is a lot of paper work involved in the process from before you leave to when you arrived in your host university and I’m sure it will still be going on when I come home next summer. The paper work is crazy and a little annoying but I suppose if we want to get grants for Erasmus and our year to go smoothly then we must deal with it.

Another thing I have noticed is that university in France is not that organised, well maybe that is harsh but they are very laid back . I am a super organised person who likes to know when things are happening well in advance so when we didn’t know if we could find out our time-tables until the Monday of start of college to say I was a little panicked is an understatement. It did all work out in the end and my mini heart attack only lasted a minute. I have learned that you just have to try and adapt to these new surrounding and go with the flow at times. It has been a bit nerve wrecking attending lectures in a completely foreign language and trying to simultaneously take notes while making sure you understand what’s happening but I suppose with time that will get better , it has only been a week after all (that’s what I keep telling myself anyway). Going up to lecturers at the end of lectures and introducing yourself as an Erasmus student has been a little nerve wrecking and pushed me out of my comfort zone but they have all been lovely and extremely accommodating and helpful. In many of the lectures I am attending I don’t know anyone which has also been a little intimidating but hopefully I will make some nice French friends soon…

The above many seem very negative but really over all I am enjoying myself immensely here. I have made some amazing friends who I know will still be my friends long after this year is over. I am able to spread my wings so to speak and live by myself discovering a whole new country and city . I feel that I have really matured and grown up in the short time I have been here as it has been up to me to get things done. I think this year is going to really stand to me and help me grown into myself , this sounds weird I know but I think this time will help me to become more me if that makes sense. I think I will become more confident and at home in myself and my own skin. Over all I having a feeling that this year will be one of the best in my life, so many people told me that before I came over here but now I think I am really beginning to believe them.

‘Don’t be afraid of change, because it is leading you to a new beginning’-Joyce Meyer



2014-09-21 18.35.06

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  1. Hi Emma, yes you will have to adapt to the French way of life, nice and easy and slow. Enjoy. Great Blog.

    1. xemmamurphyx says:

      Thanks Caroline ,I am finding it easier to adapt now, just have to slow down and enjoy life.
      Happy to you are enjoying my blog 🙂

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