St.Malo Day Trip

When the weekend comes it’s always nice to get out and about and discover a new place instead of just sitting inside all day. This weekend we decided to take a day trip up to St.Malo as the train was only €12 return and we thought we would take advantage of this offer. Getting up early to make the most of the day and a trip to the bakery for something nice for breakfast was in order before we set off. The train journey was less then an hour rolling through the French countryside and before we knew it we had arrived.

First up on the agenda was lunch so we walked from the station to the lovely historic old town of St.Malo to find a nice restaurant for lunch. On the walk the rain decided to pour from the heavens promptly soaking us to the skin. We took a little refuge in a set of public toilets as we tried to make ourselves look a little more presentable and also wait for the worst of the rain to ease off. After a couple of minutes we decided to brave the storm and make a dash for the nearby restaurants where we could take shelter in the warmth and also eat some yummy food. We settled on a lovely creperie and spent almost two hours just eating and chatting as we waited for the storm to pass.

When the rain finally decided to go away we decided to explore the beach seeing as we came all the way up. Although it was very windy and the sea was quite rough we took the time to of course take many ‘selfies’ and pictures to document the trip , rocking our windswept looks might I add. After this we decided to head for the aquarium and check out all the fish although this was a bit of a disappointing part of the trip. Now I had never  been to an aquarium before this an was expecting the fish to be in wide tanks with plenty of room to roam around and swim to their lives content ,although this was no the case in my opinion and I felt the fish were a bit cramped in the tanks. It made me a bit sad seeing them in there with so little room to move and although I am not going to go into full-blown animal activist mode , I am in the future going to think more and try to help in whatever way I can when it comes to helping animals as they have no real voice to tell us what they are feeling.

Anyway after the aquarium we headed back into town to cheer ourselves up and have a look around all the shops , of course buying the obligatory post card to stick in the scrapbook. At this point the sun decided to pop it’s head out but all too soon it was time to board our train home after a long day out. The day was a success over all and I will definitely head back to St.Malo and explore more of the town and more of the museums around the history of the town.


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  1. Khloe says:

    love your smile in those pictures! It just makes me happy. Keep posting your wonderful pictures!!! 🙂

    1. xemmamurphyx says:

      Thank you. Happy you like my blog 🙂

  2. Alena says:

    I’m delighted the rain or the fish tank didn’t affect your overall experience! The pics are fab 🙂
    Keep blogging!

    1. xemmamurphyx says:

      Thanks Alena,
      Happy you are enjoying my blog:)

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