W7 In the Buff Palette

Today I thought I would write another beauty review type post as the last one I did went down really well and I enjoyed writing it. For some reason writing down all the reason why I love a product just made me love it even more if that make sense. Today’s post is on this W7 In the Buff Natural Nudes eye shadow palette which I find is an amazing palette. When I first bought this palette I had never heard anything about this brand before and one of the main reasons I bought is was because it was only €9.99 and as you can see from the pictures it looks kind of like a Urban Decay Naked palette with the hard case and the range of colours.

Now I had always thought about getting a Naked palette but I could never justify spending over €30 on an eye shadow palette especially when I don’t really wear make-up everyday. When I saw this palette I was so happy as it kinda of looks like a Naked palette but is like over half the price. Of course when I bought this it I had never heard of this brand so I took to the inter-webs and Blogosphere to see if anyone had tried them or what they were like. I hit the jackpot here finding many reviews on beauty blogs about them and one thing many people where saying is that this palette was like a drug store dupe for the Naked palette. Now I have never used a Naked palette so I can’t really compare them but I can tell you that the pigmentation and colours on this palette are brilliant. The colours in the palette are as the name suggests very nude and neutral toned with mostly shimmer and a couple of matt shadows. I will say that the brush in the palette is not the best and I only really use it for maybe doing an inner corner highlight on my eye or if I want to have a thin line of shadow under my eye but that’s not a major problem.

This palette in my eyes was a godsend as it has all the shades that I use on my eyes as I never really do anything crazy and just stick to the neutrals. It comes in a handy tin case that might break if you throw it around a lot and were very rough but it pretty durable and very handy. All of this and the fact that it only cost me a tenner makes it a complete winner in my eyes.

W7 do have more palettes with different shades in them and I am looking forward to getting my hands on some as this palette has been my staple  and go to eye shadow since I bought it. I also want to try out some of their other products as they are very reasonable and I’m sure I will love them.

Here is the website if any of you guys want to check them out http://www.w7cosmetics.co.uk/ and do let me know if any of you have tried any of their other products and what you thought.



IMG_0641  IMG_0642

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