A day at the seaside

With a four day weekend this semester we need to find things to amuse us and stop us  going stir crazy from boredom, this is where day trips come in. We decided to head to the seaside town of Dinard for the day and explore. With a bus going directly from Rennes to Dinard it was the prefect way to spend a sunny Saturday. The bus only took an hour and a half and only cost €4.60 which was amazing. So we got up bright and early , okay so not that early but we got the bus at 11 o clock and arrived in Dinard at half 12 which was good going. Although it was sunny and there were blue skies all round we went prepared with hats, scarves and gloves because its always windier by the sea and it certainly was. In the sunshine it was very warm and it could have been a day late in March but as soon as you where in the shade it was cold and the wind picked up so we where certainly bundled up for the day.

We spent the first couple of hours exploring the beach and cliff walk talking tones of pictures of course but with every corner we turned there was another stunning view and it was pretty hard not to have the camera out every 2 seconds. All this walking and fighting against the wind meant we were hungry in no time but this being winter by the sea not many places were open. Along with this it was nearly 2 o clock which in France means the end of lunch time. After looking at our options we decided to have a good old fashioned beach picnic instead so we headed to the local little super market and bought some sandwiches and crisps. Once we had all of our supplies we headed back to the beach and found a nice bench with a sea view that would have cost a fortune had we been in a restaurant and tucked into our picnic. I felt like little kid again having a picnic on the beach and we even got a ‘bon appétit‘ from some passers-by as we enjoyed our lunch.

After lunch we explored a little more walking on the cliffs and climbing some rocks. There is just something so beautiful about walking on rocks and sand at the beach and feeling like a little kid again. As it was so windy there were also some kite surfers out battling the waves which created a perfect back drop for a picture. After all this walking we were a little peckish and also a bit cold so we decided to get a ‘gaufre‘ or  Belgian waffle with nutella of course and some tea from a little hut on the beach . We sat  trying to warm ourselves up a little while watching the sea. by this stage the town was a little more lively as people came out for a walk after lunch and it was nice to do some people watching as well as you do.

With our bodies cold and all explored out it was time to head home on the bus. We had such an amazing day at the seaside and we are definitely planning on taking some more bus day trips to new places. All that was left to end the day was to go home, get into my pyjamas and watch some Youtube videos and Netflix to end a perfect day.



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