Student Proof Meal : Pasta with Lardons and Vegetables

Being a student living away from home you have to fend for yourself and making sure your eating right can be hard. It’s so easy sometimes just to stick that meal in the microwave or head to McDonalds instead of cooking but well lets face it your body won’t thank you for that in the long term. Along with this you have to take cost into account because as a student you are nearly always ‘broke’ and so you need to look for healthy nice food that doesn’t cost a fortune and well I think I have an answer with this recipe. Here in France not only do I have think about the cost but I also have to think about my limited cooking space, when I saw limited I really mean terrible. We only have 2 microwaves and 6 cooking hobs between 30 people on a floor so something that is easy for me to make with these tools but is also somewhat healthy was hard at first but I think I finally have the hang of it now.

This dish is extremely easy and quite versatile too. I have had it just like this as I will tell you below but I have also had it with rice, couscous and also added some Mexican seasoning into it to have some veggie fajitas. It also doesn’t cost a fortune as vegetable are quite cheap as is pasta so it’s a win win. For the version below I didn’t add any chopped tomatoes or pasata to make more of a sauce but I have before and it tastes great too. You could also add more vegetables or other meats such as mince maybe or chicken if you like and I’m sure it would taste amazing too. So here is my recipe

 Pasta with Lardons and Vegetables.

What you will need:

– A handful of pasta, any shape or size you want

-1 packet of Lardons (I like the smoked ones as they give extra flavour)

– 1/2 a pepper, chopped ( any colour, I used green)

– 10 cherry tomatoes,chopped

-1 small tin of sweetcorn

-some tomato purée


1. Put your pasta in a pot of boiling water and leave until done ( usually around 7-10 mins)

2. Heat up a frying pan and put your lardons in and cook until they are cooked through.

3. Add your chopped pepper and cherry tomatoes. Cook until tomatoes start to go soft.

4. Drain sweetcorn and add to pan. Add some tomato purée to add a little bit of a sauce.

5. When pasta is done drain and return to the pot. Add the vegetable mix to the pasta and mix.

6. Serve and Enjoy.


This is a really quick and easy dinner that doesn’t cost much and is actually quite healthy. Sometimes I like to make a large portion of the sauce and have it in my fridge for another day, usually lasts around 2 days and then you just heat it up and add it to your pasta or whatever you want.

Hope you liked this recipe and do let me know what you think if you try it. Also is you have any other quick student proof recipes let me know.



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