Signature Dish

I feel like this summer has been the summer of cupcakes for me. I have made so many and I am thinking maybe I'm stocking up on the memories as I probably won't have the facilities to make them for the next year. There is something very relaxing about baking for me and I mean [...]

Cinnamon Rolls

I have always been a big lover of cinnamon and there is nothing better than treating yourself to a nice cinnamon swirl or roll. I thought I would give making them a go as that way I would get to eat more of them. After a quick glance at Pinterest and Google I found a [...]

Emma Eats:Bills

When I was in London last weekend visiting friends we decided to head out on my last night for a meal and it was up to me where we went. This in itself was problematic as I am not the best person for decisions especially  when it involves other people. Along with this there was [...]

Austin Adventures

So I know I have been a little bit A-wall on the blog for the past few weeks but I just didn't have anything that I was inspired to write about and then I have been away for the past 10 days in Austin and just wanted to enjoy my holiday but I am back [...]