Signature Dish

I feel like this summer has been the summer of cupcakes for me. I have made so many and I am thinking maybe I’m stocking up on the memories as I probably won’t have the facilities to make them for the next year. There is something very relaxing about baking for me and I mean eating cupcakes at the end is not a bad thing at all. I think I might love the process more and at this stage I nearly know the recipe off by heart. The only bad thing about loving baking so much is having to eat all the things you make or finding other people. This is where the girls in work and my rugby team come in.

There has been many an evening where I will get the urge to bake and in work the next day I am greeted with many smiles although I have also been blamed for all the diets getting sidetracked but oh well. From Oreo to chocolate chip to popping candy they have had many flavours to choose from and the feedback has been great. This past weekend I had a match with my rugby team and so decided to make some cupcakes, because why not. I made some Oreo ones and some Chocolate chip ones as I knew they would be a hit with everyone and they certainly were. Cupcakes are fast becoming my signature dish and I’m not complaining.




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