Getting Fit

I have always had quite an active lifestyle from dance classes to hockey to rugby I like to keep active and enjoy it. Over the last year during my Erasmus I kind of stopped a little and was doing less exercise. I tried to go to some dance classes but they were a little boring and then it was hard to get up the energy to go out for a run or something. Along with this my diet wasn’t the best as we had limited space and cooking facilities so it was a lot of pasta for dinner. I decided that this summer I wanted to get fit and toned so that I could feel my very best. There are always parts of your body that you want to change so I thought that this summer I am going to get more active and eat a little healthier so I can wear that cute dress or nice trousers without feeling like a look like a lump.

I decided to join my local gym for the summer months to get this kick-started. The thing I love about the gym is that they do classes daily from kettle-bells to spinning to TRX there is something for everyone and I find that they are perfect for me. I workout best when someone is pushing me so I can’t just give up and the instructors are great in these class pushing you to just the right limits. The classes have also helped introduce me to new exercises. I am guilty of just heading to the gym going on the treadmill and bike and maybe doing some rowing but that was it. I always want to get into the weights machines but am nervous as I don’t know what exercises to do and because of this I shy away from them. With the classes I get to do some weights work and know exactly what I am doing and it makes me confident that I could use the machines in the gym someday by myself, baby steps people. The class atmosphere is great and everyone is there for the same reasons to become their best selves.Another great thing about the gym I go to is that it has a swimming pool. I used to go to swimming classes every week when I was younger and would love it but as I got older I didn’t have time . Now I can get back into swimming which is great. There is something amazing about gilding through the water and feeling weightless.

Of course with joining the gym meant I had to but some new gym clothes. I have become the person who looks up buying new runners and gym clothes everyday, but you know I gotta look and feel great to workout out. I have really been loving heading to the gym in the evening and getting my sweat on and seeing the ‘guns’ grow. I am also starting to feel stronger and fitter which was my goal and I am getting better each day. I am also trying to incorporate some yoga into my life for some relaxation time and also because I love stretching, that’s the dancer in me. I like to watch some videos on Youtube or just make up my own flow and it’s great.

It’s amazing what some motivation and the right setting can give you. I’m feeling stronger mentally and physically and it’s amazing.Let me know what some of your go to workouts are as I’m always looking to try new things.



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