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So if you haven’t noticed I have been a little absent for the past while. I have been dealing with my final year in college with assignments, presentations and exams so there was little time for the blog or my Youtube channel for that matter, it was heads in the books time. I think it’s important to have time to relax especially when life was so hectic with college work but I didn’t want to be staring at a computer screen as I was already doing that every minute of the day. I opted for work outs and runs to keep me healthy and it was also a great stress reliever,there is something great about pounding the pavements, heart pumping after a stressful day (I got a PB time on one of the routes I run on one of my most stressful days). It’s important to find the balance.

I still can’t quite believe that I have finished college forever, well fingers crossed the exams went as well as I think and I can graduate in September. It’s crazy to think that you are in education for basically the first quarter of your life and now its just over. I have made so many friends for life not only from Ireland but also around the world due to being able to go on Erasmus last year and have had so many new adventures and made so many memories. No matter how much I complained about all the assignments and work I had to do, a part of me will miss it. You get into such a routine of seeing the same people everyday that it does make me a little sad to think it’s over but now it’s onto the next adventure and the next step in my life, out into the big bad world.

Now that I am officially finished college (still can’t believe it) and all my exams I am excited to get back into the blog writing and video making as I have missed it. I have always been quite a creative person whether it’s crafts or colouring and this blog and my Youtube channel give me an outlet to be creative and it’s a fun hobby so I am looking forward to getting back into it. I may not be the best writer or make the best videos but I just love doing them as something for me and if one person enjoys it that’s a bonus.

That’s all for now, I’m off to think of some blog post ideas and video ideas for the summer.




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  1. Well done Emma, getting back in the grove as they say. Looking forward to hearing about all your new adventures. Keep blogging.

  2. lexilife says:

    Great to hear that you’re back and completed college. Hope it all went well! I’ve just started a youtube channel too – it was so scary!! Did you find it daunting at first? xx

    1. xemmamurphyx says:

      Hey thanks. Awh that’s great, em not really I just started it for me as a hobby and never really thought about other people watching, I just enjoyed it. Putting up the first video was a little scary but after that it was fine ☺

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