On top of the world

Okay so the title maybe a little misleading but when your on top of a mountain you certainly feel like you are on top of the world. So I am on my Easter holidays at the moment and wanted to do something different to get out of the house so me and a friend decided to go climb a mountain. We headed to the Sugar Loaf which is just outside Dublin and is about a 40 minute drive from my house so it was perfect. The day was perfect, dry with blue skies even if it was a little windy but nothing a hat wouldn’t sort. I went prepared with a hat, sunglasses and a rain jacket because you know I live in Ireland and anything can happen with the weather and it can change in a second.

We set off with the tunes playing in the car and a bit of karaoke going on because there is no other way to begin a little day trip. The sun was peaking from behind the clouds the whole way and was trying to break through but just couldn’t quite succeed. It was a great start to the day. The beginning of the climb is quite easy under foot but is a little steep and having never really hiked before we were having some second thoughts as our legs began to burn but seeing little kids running past you having finished the climb makes you want to carry on. If they could do it so could we.  As we got closer to the top the ground became more rocky and it was fun to act like rock climbers as we scrambled to the top. Once at the top we took in the sights, even though it was very cloudy it was still very impressive. After a short break to refuel with a banana and taking many photos we headed back down to the car to go in search of some hot chocolate to heat us up.

We popped into Avoca on the way home for hot chocolate and a scone after our hike and it was gorgeous. The scones were huge and tasted amazing with some jam and cream. The hot chocolate was also just the thing I need after the cold breeze on the top of the Sugar Loaf. We had such a good day out and finished it off with another singing session on the way home. I can’t wait to pick another mountain to hike as I discover all the amazing places that are on my doorstep but I have never explored before.





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  1. Great blog Emma, keep it up. Have to get mine moving again.

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