Roadtrip Day 1

So the day of the road-trip arrived and we packed up the car to the brim with all of our supplies and hit the road. Our first stop was the Giants Causeway which was a 3h30mins drive away so the tunes were blasting and the gossip was flowing to make the journey go a little quicker. The drive up was filled with trying to figure out the right speed limit as Northern Ireland use miles instead of kilometres so with Charley knowing national limits and the help of Google we finally figured out a system so that I would not be speeding. Dark clouds threatened to break the whole drive up but as we arrived at the Causeway the sky cleared up and the sun shone through the gaps. When we arrived at the Causeway we were struck by the sheer size of it and how amazing nature really is. We spent some time climbing the rocks and getting the all important Instagrams before walking 162 steps up to the cliff above the Causeway. It struck me that the Causeway is probably the most perilous place to take electronics because with the slip of a foot they would be with the fishes but everyone had there ipads, Cameras and phones with them trying to get the best picture to perseve the memory.


After the 3 hour drive and exploring the Causeway with only bananas and snacks to fuel us it was time to find some food. We of course consulted Google to find some restaurants in the area and decided to head to the town of Portrush. We had some beautiful fish and chips as a late lunch/early dinner to keep the hunger at bay. After this it was time to make the journey to Bundoran where we were staying the night. The rain decided to start as we started our journey and stayed with us the whole way. It was amazing driving through the mountains with the cloud really low giving the place a very spooky feeling. After a lot of karaoke singing in the car we finally arrived in Bundoran and checked into our accommodation. We stayed in the Bundoran Surf Co which had one of the comfiest beds I have ever slept in. We had some internet time catching up on all the days activities and uploading some pictures before having an early night as we were wrecked from all the travelling a knew we had a long day ahead the next day as well for day 2 of our road-trip.

I’m really starting to see the amazing things that we have right on our doorstep and can’t wait to discover more of them.



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