Roadtrip Day 2

Day 2 started in with a light breakfast in our hostel before we headed to the beach in Bundoran to have a little look see before we started our travels. First stop on day 2 was Glencar Waterfall which was a suggestion from Charley’s friend and was also on the suggestion board in the hostel. Driving through the mountains with the sun shinning and blue skies for miles couldn’t have been a better start to the day. Walking up to the waterfall you could hear the rushing water as it crashed into the river below. It was such a loud sound but at the same time there was something very calming about it. We took a moment to take in the sheer greatness of the waterfall because lets be honest they are pretty amazing. We sat and basked in the sunshine and took in the amazing view while having a 99 ice-cream, what a great way to spend a day.

After the waterfall we went on a mission to find some petrol as we were getting to the stage where it was getting a little too low for my liking. After circling Sligo about 3 times we finally found a station and filled up the tank so that we could continue on the adventures. Next we headed to Westport to get some lunch , there was a cycle race on in Westport town and there was no parking to be found so we headed for Westport Harbour. With a lovely toasted sandwich as fuel we began the journey to our next destination for the night Ballyvaughan. We decided to stop in Clifden on the way so the I could get a break from driving. I have to say the road between Westport and Clifden was one of the most amazing I have ever driven on. Although it was quite twisty and passing buses caused my blood pressure to spike the views were just amazing. You could have been anywhere in the world, I would suggest for anyone just to drive the road and see great wonder of nature.

A short break in Clifden to do some stretches and have a snack and it was on to Ballvaughan to our hotel for the night. A little 3 star hotel called the Hylands Burren Hotel was our home for the night and we felt very fancy in our hotel. We had a nice light dinner in the bar and then headed up to our room to watch some TV and relax after a long day of sightseeing and  to prepare for day 3 which was going to be just as action packed.




KODAK Digital Still Camera





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