Holidays are over

The start of this week was spent recuperating after our travels and then preparing for our classes this week. I have successfully lesson planned for the next 4 weeks so hopefully we won’t have a repeat our my first week when I just winged it . It’s amazing what a bit of organisation can do.

I might regret writing this part considering my mother and aunts read this blog but here goes nothing I have shared all my other experiences so far… So I am on Tinder as I am sure many people are, it’s a great way to talk to people and here I have found it’s great , a nice way to practice my french and maybe meet some new people, and well that is what happened. I was talking to one guy who offered to be my tour guide for the day and I thought why not, what have I got to loose. Of course after sending his picture and details to about 5 friends just in case, our little day date was this week and it was lovely. We went to Ile Saint Marguerite just off the coast of Cannes.  This is what you get from talking to locals because I didn’t even know there were islands you could visit there. We took the short boat ride over and then spent a couple of hours walking around and chatting. I was extremely proud of myself that I was able to last the whole time speaking french and was actually able to make conversation. I have to say I didn’t understand everything and I’m sure I made every error in the book but I got through it. Other than the fact that we had to make a dash for the boat , everything went smoothly and I got to see an amazing sunset from the boat on the way back. So there you go, that was my Tinder Travels this week as I am calling it, it’s a great way to meet people I have to say. Of course be smart about it and don’t go  meeting someone in an alley at night but during the day surrounded by people and you should be okay and just leave if not. I’m sure after my mother reads this there will be some questions but oh well.

Cannes from Ile Saint Marguerite
Sunsets, need I say more…..

After this is it was back to class on Thursday for more dancing and singing as I thought my classes about their body.  I have to say the blank faces are becoming less or maybe I am imagining it but I think we are getting somewhere. When I ask ‘What is your name?’ and I get a correct response , I call that a success at this stage. Of course we only had classes Thursday and Friday so it was only a short week and then it was time for the weekend again.

Saturday morning came I spent most of it chilling in bed doing nothing which was great. Saturday night a teacher from a couple of the girls school invited us out for drinks with a few other people which was nice. We went to a bar for a few drinks (an Irish bar none the less) and a chat. Although the talking part didn’t really work out as there was a live band, who were great but didn’t really let you get a word in. After a couple of hours we decided to head to a bowling alley that was just across the way as it was open late and it was a little quieter. I was very proud of myself getting a strike and coming 4th if you don’t mind. By the time we finished it was 1′ o clock in the morning which is probably the latest I have been out while I have been here, haha. We couldn’t decided on somewhere else to go and most places were closed so we just headed home , kindly driven by our new friends who had picked us up too because we rely on public transport. It was a nice night with some new people and then we spent Sunday in bed because we didn’t get back until 2:30am and well France basically shuts down on a Sunday as well .

So that is it for this week,quite a relaxed one filled with lesson planning.




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  1. Very entertaining blog Emma, love the fact that you can share your Tinder date with the world. You go girl. A bientot

    1. xemmamurphyx says:

      Haha thanks, sure why not 🙂

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