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Grab yourself a cup of tea and get cosy because this is going to be a long one.

With the holidays upon us we decided to do some travelling this week to make the most of it. Monday and Tuesday we spent relaxing not doing too much but planning what we would get up to for the week. I also did a spot of shopping because it has to be done sometimes and I was on holidays, sure why not. There are not many shops in our town, which is probably a good thing for my bank account, so I did not get a lot but picked up a few things. On Wednesday we decided to head to Nice for the day to have a look around and once I found out there was a H&M there I thought I would continue with some shopping also. We got up bright and early to catch the bus to the station and then to Nice, on possibly my favourite train ride as you pass along the coast with some amazing views. The sun was shining and hitting the sea at just the right angles to make it shimmer, if only the train could stop and let me take a photo but that’s not how it works unfortunately, I’ll just have to visit all the places we pass which I think I can do.

When we arrived we headed straight for Promenade des Anglais, right along the beach in Nice. It was a hive of activity with everyone out enjoying the beautiful sun shine and making the most of the holidays. We walked along and eventually came to some stairs leading to the point de vue de la Colline du Chateau, the place of a citadel that was used for military purposes and located on the top of a hill. As we climbed the many steps my legs began to burn and the sun shine probably wasn’t helping but when we made it to the top the view was certainly worth it. Taking a few moments to just gaze out over the city of Nice on one side and along the Promenade des Anglais and the sea on the other. Then climbing up some more stairs and working up an appetite for lunch we came to the park right on the top of the hill and once the site of the Citadel. It was beautiful and as we walked to the other-side we had an amazing view of the Port de Nice.

Promenade des Anglais 
Port de Nice

After we descended the many stairs, it was much easier going down, we decided to head for some lunch. After all of those stairs we were definitely hungry. Strolling through old nice with the market under way and restaurants filled to the brim, the city felt alive and it was amazing.  It took us a while to decide where to go because everywhere looked so good, but after making a few rounds we finally decided on a place. I went for pizza as per usual but it was amazing, there was a little bit of salt on the base which added so much flavour, definitely pizza heaven. With our stomachs sufficiently filled we headed to look around Nice a little more, of course I bought my post card to add to my ever growing collection and then I went shopping. Every shop that I went into made me want to buy everything so I had to limit myself but I did pick up a few bits. Half way through the day it started to rain  so we decided to call it a day and get an earlier train home. I have no doubt we will be back in Nice again as it is not too far away and we didn’t really get to see it all.

Stairs, stairs and more stairs but the view was worth it.

Thursday was just spent doing boring stuff like washing our sheets so we will skip to Friday when we started some more travels. As we were off for two weeks we thought it might be a good idea to head off somewhere and spend the night to make a proper holiday out of it. We decided on Aix-en-Provence to spend the weekend because I had heard so many good things about it. A bus, a train and then another bus later we arrived and headed to our hotel. My google map skills were put to the test when we walked up and down the same street a couple of times only to figure out we were right beside the hotel the whole time, oops. We stayed in an Apart’hotel which was perfect. Our room had a little kitchenette , a double bed and then a sofa bed so it was perfect. It was also located a 5 minute walk from the centre which was a great location.  After we had settle in and relaxed for a little bit we headed out to explore and get some food because we hadn’t eaten.  Having refuelled on a classic French baguette we started to explore. Aix really is a beautiful town with cobbled windy streets, something beautiful with every turn. Wandering through the streets, sun shining down was just perfect. The travelling took it out of us so after a trip back to the hotel to recharge the batteries we headed out for dinner. I had pizza again which won’t come as a surprise but it is just too good. Then we headed back to watch some rubbish French TV (It really is terrible) and head to bed.



I was very excited for Saturday morning as it meant it was market time. I have missed the markets you get in bigger citie and the one in Draguignan just doesn’t compare so I was looking forward to seeing the market in all it’s glory and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint. From food to flowers to soaps to baskets, it had it all. I mean is there any better way to spend a Saturday morning? My friend is an assistant in Aix although she was not there when we were (our timing was impeccable) but she did tell me a few things that I should do one of which was get a crêpe from Crêpes a gogo which was our Saturday afternoon treat. She had really talked them up so I was expecting great things and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. A little stand in an under ground passage you would miss it if you weren’t looking but it was amazing and there was a queue to prove it. We took our crêpes and headed to sit and enjoy them in the sun while watching the world go by. Later that evening we headed out for dinner and after much discussion because we really are terrible at deciding on things we headed to a little crêperie for dinner, continuing the theme for the day.  As we were in a larger town we wanted to make the most of the night so we headed to find a bar to have a drink in although we got side tracked by gelato first which is never a bad thing. After my lovely mint chocolate chip and nutella gelato we headed to a bar that had DJ playing some interesting tunes, everything from Westlife to French pop songs. With my Virgin Moijto in hand we cheers-ed to our trip and enjoyed ourselves. Sunday morning came too quickly and unfortunately it was time to say good bye to Aix and head back after our little weekend away which was lovely. Although I will definetly have to head back, when my friend if there next time.


When the lighting is just perfect.
Market Heaven.
Gelato stop

Now it’s time to enjoy the last few days of the holidays and get some planning done for my lessons in the coming weeks. If you made it to the end of this post congratulations, they won’t be this long all the time I promise.



P.S. This is my 100th post, how did that happen??!!

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