A Night in Nice

I wanted to update you guys but haven’t been in the mood to write so here is a short post with lots of photos about our night in Nice.

So this past weekend we headed to Nice for the night as it was one of the girls birthdays and we wanted to celebrate. We got the train down Saturday morning and spent the day wandering around the sights before heading to our Airbnb that evening. We also got to watch the sunset over the sea which was just gorgeous and something I have been wanting to see since I got here. This was the first time I have ever stayed in an Airbnb and it was lovely. It was a shared apartment so the owners were still there but they were so friendly and made us feel very welcome. That night we met up with some other assistants for dinner and then drinks to celebrate. We met some other Irish girls which was lovely and then people from America, Germany, Canada and Puerto Rico which was amazing. It really was a world affair. It felt very weird to be speaking English as I am so used to speaking French with the girls here but it was a nice change. We had a lovely evening and were out until about 3am, which has to be the latest since I have been here and it was also our first proper night out which was nice.

Now enjoy the many pictures of the sunset that I took because I mean sunsets…who doesn’t love them and I’ll talk to you soon.



What night out of mine would be complete without a couple of crazy selfies!

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