Christmas in Cannes

So it has been a while since my last post but I didn’t think it was two weeks ago, how the time flies. Well you have not missed much I have just been working away in my classes with progress being made. I still get many blank faces but after a couple of explanations at least one student gets it and then the rest figure it out too so all good. This week and next week have been very easy for my lesson planning as it is all to do with Christmas which I am very excited about because it is one of my favourite times of year. I am currently listening to Christmas songs (a bit of Mariah) and let me tell you it is the best way to spend an afternoon. I have also gotten two ‘gifts’ from my students which can only be a good sign. One was a really cute drawing of a house and the other was a necklace made out of little coloured elastics, I have made it in the eyes of the kids. I also get a chorus of ‘Hello Emma’ whenever I am in town and my students see me which is nice.

With Christmas on the way (eeek) the Christmas markets are well and truly under way in France which is something I love. We don’t get many markets at home so when I am here it is my favourite thing to do. Going to to see all the little chalets with local artisits selling their products, drinking hot chocolate and eating crepes, doesn’t that just sound like heaven. We headed to Cannes for the markets as we hadn’t visited there yet and wanted to see the markets so we rolled the two in one. The ‘Village de Noel’ was so cute with little wooden chalets and an ice-skating rink with the smell of mulled wine and churros in the air. We headed in and took a quick lap around to get a feel for the place and see what they had to offer and then decided to explore Cannes more before heading back later in the afternoon to  buy some things and drink some hot chocolate.

20161203_111704We headed to walk up to the Cannes sign and a church that is at the top of a little hill which gave us an amazing look out over Cannes. It was a clear day so we had a great view of the town. After this we headed to the port to have a browse and pick out our future yachts and there were a few very nice ones. Next up on our little self guided tour was where the Cannes film festival is held and to look at the hands that are on the ground. Kind of like the Hollywood walk of fame only much smaller but it was cool to see some of the people who had been there such as Sophia Loren. Just across the road there are all the fancy shops such as Gucci and Chanel so we did a little window shopping , dreamt up our wishlists and thought about finding a nice guy from Cannes who might be able to make those wishlists reality, haha. You know a shop is too expensive for you when there are two doors to get in and then about four security guards, I sure they were looking at us at the windows with some strange looks but oh well, one day maybe . This window shopping worked up an appetite so we headed for a spot of lunch in a little Italian restaurant. I know you say ‘but your’re in France Emma, why are you eating in an Italian restaurant?’ well let me tell you we are so close to the Italian border that pretty much every restaurant has pizza and pasta which I am not complaining about, my tagliatelle arrabiata was amazing.


With our stomachs full we headed to do some shopping in some shops that were more in our price range, Kiko being one that I was very excited about. Kiko make-up is a brand I love because it is not too expensive but it is really good quality and they don’t have a shop in Ireland so I was very excited to pick up a few things. When we had bought some bits we headed back to the market to get our dessert and pick up a few things. As it had gotten darker the market looked so pretty with all the lights and Christmas music. I got some churros which were amazing and the girls got some mulled wine. We then went on the hunt for some roasted chestnuts as they were the girls favourite, I had never had them before so I was looking forward to trying them. They were interesting , I only had one which was enough for my but they were nice. It had started to rain a bit so we decided to get the train home because we were all tired after being out all day. I didn’t get my hot chocolate because I was stuffed but there is always another day.


I am on countdown now to Christmas with my advent calendar that mam sent over, Cadbury’s chocolate, you can’t beat it. I also have a wallpaper on my phone which tells me how many days are left which is very exciting every time I look at my phone. My room looks a little more festive with the tinsel I added but I am looking forward to heading home and decorating the tree which I asked mam to wait for me so that will be exciting, less than 2 weeks now until I’ll be home and getting up to all festive activities with the family.



P.S. I also vlogged our day at the market while getting some very strange looks but you can watch the video here.

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