Lyon in Lights

It feels like ages ago but it was actually only last weekend that we headed to Lyon to see the Fête des Lumières. I had heard so much about it and everyone had always said it was amazing so seeing as we were only 4 hours away we made the last minute decision to visit just for one night. We headed off on Friday afternoon with our new friend from Blablacar which is a car sharing website were you can travel with someone who is heading to your destination as well. It was my first time ever using it but it was great, our driver was very nice and it was cheaper than getting the train so win win, he also dropped us right to our Airbnb which was very nice. Our Airbnb was a little apartment with just enough room for the three of us but we were only sleeping there so we didn’t mind. Then we headed out into cold Lyon for the evening, and man was it cold. I have become so accustomed to our winter in the Cotes d’Azur , I am currently wearing a t-shirt on the 17th of December (madness) that I was really hit by the cold. Wrapped up in hat, scarf and gloves  it was actually nice as it made me think of winter at home and Christmas when you wrap up warm.


For the festival the whole centre of the town is closed off to traffic so that you can roam around and see all of the light installations which run from 8pm to midnight. It was nice walking around the city with all the amazing lights . I will let the pictures (and video here) talk for themselves but they really were magnificent and something I would recommend . How they made such simple things of lights and a building look so magical is amazing. After spending the whole night walking around we heading back to our Airbnb to warm up and get some sleep. We were then up early Saturday morning to explore Lyon in the day time and check out the Christmas markets before getting our train back. I was also reunited with my favourite dish Poutine for a short while which made me extremely happy.

It was just a quick trip but it was definitely worth it to see all the lights and I will of course be heading back to Lyon to spend more time there and explore the town a bit more.

Now it is officially Christmas as I finished my classes yesterday and I am heading home tomorrow for 2 weeks for the holidays . I can’t wait for all the Christmas shenanigans with the family.



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