Two Sleepy Villages

So as you saw in my last post I headed to Les Gorges du Verdon last week and while we were day tripping we stopped off in two little villages to break up the drive.  The first one we stopped was a small little village on the way called Comp-sur-Artuby . It is a very small village surrounded by mountains with little streets. It is very small and on the gloomy Saturday morning it was like a little ghost village. We headed out to explore the village and stretch the legs after being in the car for about an hour. There were some really cute houses and great views. We climbed up to a church that gave us a view over the whole village and the mountains around us. We also made two new friends with a dog and a cat who led the way up to the church and acted kind of like tour guides which was cute. After our short stop it was back on the road.

Our friendly tour guides.


Our next stop was on our way back when we made a little de-tour to Tourtour which is another little village. There was a little bit more activity in Tourtour as it was after lunch and it was a little bit bigger. We wandered around once again taking in the town which had some lovely little streets lined with stone houses giving me house envy at every second. Up at the church we were able to see out over the whole valley which was amazing. The weather was a little chilly and we had been exploring all day so we stopped into a bar for a hot chocolate to heat us up. We again made friends with another dog who really wanted some hot chocolate.  It was nice wandering around the little quite village taking it all in before we headed back to the car to drive back to Draguignan.




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