Why I keep doing this…

Every time that one of my camp jobs comes to an end I am usually in tears and wondering why I keep doing it to myself and I am a crier so the waterworks always start. After spending so much time with these amazing people and going through so much with them it is always hard to say goodbye but all the things that happened before the goodbye are what keeps bringing me back to doing these types of jobs.

This summer working at Tim Horton’s Children’s Camp has been amazing. It has been one of the most challenging summers that I have had as a counselor due not only to elements of the job but also personal struggles too.  Working with the demographic that we worked with was something new for me and there were many times when I wasn’t sure if I was doing my job right or if I even could do it. With the help of the amazing team that was around me, I was able to push through and come out the other side stronger. The challenges that I faced during the summer I think have only made me a stronger counselor and re-affirmed my love for this camp lifestyles. No matter how bad your day is going there is always one moment that will cheer you up, whether it’s a funny story from a camper, a passing knowing smile from a fellow counselor or even as simple as getting to take a hard-earned shower at the end of the day. Yes, there were many days that I felt shitty and many tears were shed but there always moments that were awesome and things that I will never forget, which is all due to the people who were around me.

Whenever I work at a camp I always find like-minded and the most amazing inspiring people, which is why I keep going back and this year was no different. I want to say thank you to all of the amazing people that I met this summer, it definitely wouldn’t have been the same without you. We have cried together, laughed together, swam in the freezing ocean together, peed in the forest together, tried to navigate an airport with 40 campers and shared in the struggle of trying to get your campers to bed when all they want to do is anything but that. You guys made my experience what it was and I was constantly inspired by you. You are all real-life superheroes and just know that you made a difference not only in my life but also in the lives of so many campers that you worked with.

This summer despite the ups and downs has been awesome. I was challenged to become a better version of myself and I also got to experience so many new things. I got to bring back Moose. I got to go on the giant swing which was terrifying, I try to tell myself I’m not afraid of heights but that was scary. I got to continue my love of kayaking. I got to be a DJ for a few days. I got to see the most amazing night skies. I got to travel to new places. I got to hike in the forest for 3 days. I got to play and learn so many new games. I got to go on a speedboat. I got to go on a tube with my campers and make their day when I fell off (twice). I learned how to play foursquare. I got to let my inner Katniss out with Archery. And so many more…..

I made the most amazing friendships and met the most genuine people.

I got to become a role model for people.

I got to be inspired daily by the people around me.

Moose (aka Emma)


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