Summer Camp Memories 

I have finally gotten around to making a video about my camp experience.


Camp times

So I am sorry that I have not been activate on here in a very long time but I have been enjoying myself at camp and well with limited time and WiFi I’m sorry to say that posting on here has been at the bottom of my to-do list. We are currently on the last day of our mid camp weekend off so I thought I would post and give you guys a run down of my last month has I have a good supply of WiFi. So as some of you many because I never stopped talking about it before I came but I am working at Camp Ouareau, a girls summer camp in Canada and having the best time. The camp is situated about 1h30mins from Montreal and is a bilingual camp so we work in both french and English which is great, I get to continue practising my french. As I am an activity head ( head of dance , whoo) I had to arrive at camp around 2 weeks before the campers with the other heads of activities. It was great as we had like a whole 2 weeks to get to know each other and also learn how to do our jobs before the kids arrived. I loved spending the time with the other counsellors and really forming some amazing friendship bonds.

I was given seniors so my campers were between 13/14 years old. It was exciting to finally begin working and my co-cow was amazing, we got on so well together that I knew it was going to be a great month. From canoeing to an island for an overnight, learning how to make a fire and cook food on it for about 20 hungry 14 years old , to hiking with 10 year olds, saying hello and goodbye to campers, meeting so many amazing people from all over the world and learning so many new skills such as canoeing and belaying in climbing, it really has been a jam packed month.There have been many campfires and songs that have been sung. There have been times when it has gotten a little stressful as you are on the go all day with little time to yourself but with the friends that I have made being around me it made those days all easier. My activity has also been going really well, I was just happy when the girls decided to take dance for another cycle but they really seemed to enjoy the dances. We also got to preform our dance in front of the whole camp at the end of each two weeks which was great and I got amazing feedback which was great. I am excited about the next month , I have my music and styles picked although still just have to choreograph them but oh well, that is a small problem. As I only have 1 to 2 periods of dance a day I have been put at other activities which has been great from survival to windsurf, sailing and cross fit I have been learning so many new skills.


We have one day off a week which is nice and we always find something to do whether its just heading to the nearest town to eat in the bakery and stock up on snacks or chill on the dock in the sun before the kids for activities. We also went paddle boarding on morning when no on was on the lake and I stood up which I was very proud of myself for doing and another day we went kayaking which was amazing. Although the job is hard work being constantly on the go , the people I am around are great and I am getting to have some amazing experiences.

For the past 2 days we have been chilling in a house by a river that belongs to the aunt of one of the girls. We took it easy, sun tanned, walked to the local shop which was 30mins away and generally just had a great time. I have made friends that I know I will be friends with for a long time. I am looking forward to the next month in which I will have another challenge as I have the youngest girls on camp who are between 7-10 years old. It will be interesting and I am looking forward to it and seeing what the month will bring.

So there you have it a few of my highlights from the last month, there has been so much more that has happened but if I was to write it all down this post would go on for hours. I have had an amazing last month and I can’t wait to see what challenges the next month will bring. Talk to you in another month when the experience will be all over and I will be onto my next adventure which is so strange, it has gone by so fast.




My time in Montreal has come to an end after 3 great days and now it is time to head off to camp so I thought I would tell you a bit about what I got up to in Montreal and show you some photos. I did vlog on my way here and some of my exploring only to discover that silly me forgot to pack the memory card adaptor ad so can’t put any of it on my laptop but oh well, I’ll have to pick up another later but for now a blog post is all we have so enjoy.

Arriving on Wednesday I was wrecked after all my travels and waiting around in immigration for my work permit but after all that a short bus ride and I was in the centre of town. Lugging my suitcase the 10 minute walk to the hostel was very hard being so tried but I eventually got there. I stayed at the M Montreal which is right in the centre of town and perfect for exploring. I can’t take credit for it as it was booked for me already with NYQUEST but they did good. It was very nice to walk in on Wednesday to a free pasta night which meant dinner was sorted for the evening, then it was off to bed while I tried to stay awake for as long as possible to try combat the jet lag. I made it to 11pm which meant I had been awake for 22 hours but I think it did the trick as the next day I was up bright and early and ready to explore. A short breakfast of some amazing muffins which I forgot to ask what the were but they tasted of maple deliciousness and a nice glass of cold cranberry juice I was ready for the day and it was only 8:30am. I decided to take a bit of time to check out on my laptop where I would go and wait until at least 9am to head out because otherwise it would be an extremely long day.


The sun was beaming down as I head to the old town to wander around. The beautiful cobbled streets and stone buildings are a nice change from the large skyscrapers in downtown. It was still relatively quiet as everyone was still getting ready for the day so it was nice. I headed in the Basilica Notre-Dame and around the old port. The weather was so nice that I just kept wandering and taking turns here and there. The good thing about places in Canada is that everything is in blocks so not matter how many turns you take you will probably end up back in the same place you started so it makes it very hard to get lost. After heading back to the hostel for a short break to recharge I headed out again to explore some more with no real plan in my head, I just kept taking turns and seeing where it took me. Another short break in the afternoon after racking up over 20,000 steps I head out to be reunited with my love, poutine. I decided to head to La Banquise which according to the hostel is the best poutine and it didn’t disappoint, it was a little too salty for my liking but it was still amazing. Then afterwards it was nice walking back to the hostel along by the park la fontaine in the warm weather. Then I hit the hay again before another exploring day.


Thursday morning we had orientation with NYQUEST which meant a morning of getting social insurance numbers and setting up bank accounts. Then I had my first Tim Hortons experience which was very nice, some lovely timbits which are basically just little donuts but they were very nice I have to say. Then it was back to the hostel to recharge the phone and sit down for a little bit once again, exploring it hard work. After this I headed out to meet two girls who are going to my camp which was nice. We explored a little , had some more poutine and some ice-cream which was amazing. I had a strawberry lemonade sorbet which was to die for. After this we walked all the way to Mount Royal Chalet to get a view out over the city as the sun was setting. Even though the sun set on the other side it cast a lovely golden colour out over the city. We headed back down all of the steps to walk back to our hostels , wandering around the city and passing through one street closed down for F1 celebrates. It was a lovely warm night and the city was bustling which was nice. I love summer nights when you can walk around in shorts and a t-shirt at 10pm and not be cold. After walking all day my legs were wrecked and I headed to bed .


Now I am up ready to fix my suitcase , check out and get the bus to camp. It still feels weird that it is actually happening today but I am so excited.

To camp I go.



Oh Canada

I am sitting in the airport at my gate waiting to board as I write this. After re-packing my suitcase and getting to expert level in suitcase Tetris I finally made my way to the airport, passed through all the security measures and I am waiting to board. It still only feels like yesterday that I was thinking of applying to head to Canada this summer to work in a summer camp but now that it is actually here the excitement levels are on a high. I have one flight to JFK New York and then a connecting flight to Montreal where I am staying for 3 nights before heading to camp. I can’t wait to get to Montreal to explore for a day or two and sort out everything out with the help of NYQUEST , the organisation who have helped my make this idea a reality. Then Saturday will come and I will be off to camp to spend about 10 weeks in the middle of a forest which will be interesting. I am going to be the head of dance at Camp Ouareau which will be amazing,  I will be spending my summer doing something I really love. I can’t wait to get to camp to meet all of the other staff who I will be working with and get this summer underway. Then after camp I can’t wait to travel Canada a little more , a place I have always wanted to visit.

I will try to keep you guys updated with my adventures and stories but that might be a little hard in the middle of a forest so we will see but I can’t wait. So all there is to say now is Goodbye Ireland and Hello Canada.