All things come to an end


As the saying goes ‘all good things must come to an end’ and that is exactly what is happening. People have started leaving and the leadership programme is over, we have one more day of work before that is it and it is all over. The past 6 weeks have been amazing and it is going to be hard to part with the people I have met here. I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived at this camp or what my job would be for the next 6 weeks. With this I would have to get to know a whole new group of people who I would be living and working with.

It all started in Toronto when I met the first person I would be living with Brad when we went to go get our social security numbers, heading together on the metro to get picked up we got talking and got to know each other. It was easy to talk to him and from those first moments I knew that if all the people I would be living with where as easy going as him it would be an easy 6 weeks. Enter Laura who we met on the way out of the station when we both had the problem of getting our suitcases through the turnstiles, a quick ” are you going to Camp Robin Hood?” and our group became 3. We had no idea who was picking us up but we headed and waited together at the petrol station to see what would happen. As we waited on the side of the road we got talking and got to know each other and well I knew that it was going to be a fun 6 weeks. We got picked up and headed to camp. It was so weird as we were living on camp but we were the only ones there apart from Jim the site manager, apart from that we had free reign of the camp to do any activities we wanted to, it was like we were going to adult summer camp. We spent that first night just the three of us getting to know each other and already becoming friends which was amazing. The next day we cemented our friendship by not killing each other as we biked the whole 40 minutes to the next town to buy drink, it is definitely not the 10 minutes that we were told.

The next day Conor arrived and our three would become four. He had been here last year so knew a little bit more than us. We spent our first weekend exploring a bit of Toronto and getting to know camp a little bit better too. The weather was also great so we spent some time chilling by our pool which was nice. It’s is crazy how quickly you can become friends with people and just know that the next few weeks were going to be great. That first weekend we also met some of the Canadians that we would be working with and who knew Conor from last year. Although we were a little tired and jet-lagged when they arrived , it was so nice to meet them and start friendships that would last.  After those first few days we got ready for the arrival of the next internationals (Josh, Cara, Natalie and Beth) and our roommates for the next few weeks. I am happy to say that we all got on well and there was no drama which was great, it would have made for a very hard 6 weeks if things were different. The three guys quickly turned into the three stoges, making us laugh everyday with their antics. There was never a dull day when the three of them were around and one things I miss will be hearing there funny drunk talks before they were going to bed, they had some mad conversations. Another thing that I will miss is all the morning and night bed chats I used to have with Laura, we were the first girls here, with beds across from each other so would start and end the day talking to each other. It is weird now that I am here and she has gone , not having those chats.

We have done so many amazing things these last few weeks that I will truly remember them forever. From just exploring Toronto together to family campfires to going on activity nights around camp or even just cruising around with the music blaring out of the car. I have learned how to play nine square, water ski even if I didn’t manage to get up and got to go on a speed boat and jet ski. I have been able to run activities each day for different kids and get them working together.  It has been interesting having kind of free reign over your activity and putting your own spin on it which has been nice and kind of shown me what I can do. I have also learned that I can eat hamburgers everyday for lunch for 6 weeks and not get completely fed up.  I got to visit Niagara Falls which was amazing. Improve my score on Mini golf even if I still lost each time but you improvements. I have been introduced to country music and turns out that I really like it. I have also been introduced to Scottish music which again as now become part of my playlists on Spotify.  I also got to go to a hoe-down and learn to line dance. These 6 weeks have just been full of experiences both big and small.


In all seriousness the most amazing thing from this experience has been the friendships that I have made, there are too many people to name but you know who you are, as cheesy as it sounds. We became like a little family all helping each other out. All the little adventures we took together whether it was to Niagara Falls,a puppet show in the dark , a manhunt around camp or playing mini golf ,they are memories that I will never forget. I never felt alone the whole time that I was here and felt that I could talk to anyone if I need to. They have all impacted my life in some way which I know will last for a long time and it is definitely not the end. I know I said it for my summer camp post but it has been the same here I never knew that I could become such close friends with people in such a short time. I have already cried when people left and it is a definite that I will cry again when it is all over and I have to leave. I will be the last one who is left at camp so it is going to be very strange for me to be here by myself, hearing no giggles from the boys next door or having the chats with the girls beside me. I will miss seeing everyone at work on the daily as we waited for the kids to arrive and secretly clapping every time a bus was late as it meant we had less periods to our little debrief circles at the end with people asking for shout outs so they could get the infamous ‘Gluck Bucks’. Each day never really felt like work with the people that I worked with and they truly made ever day memorable.

As I said all things must come to an end and the time has come. I am so happy that I got to do this experience and meet the most amazing people. Now it is time for me to head out on some more travels and see some other friends before I head home after almost 5 months on the other side of the world. If you ever get the opportunity to do something like this my only advice is book the plane ticket and go for it.



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