Winter Wonderland

Alberta is certainly somewhere that does winter right and I get more amazed by what I see with each day that comes. Having been to Jasper National Park last spring I was excited to head for a day trip in winter to see how the landscape had changed and let me tell you I was not disappointed. It was also nice to start the new year off with some adventures. We packed up the car and headed out early in the morning with the sun rising as we left camp and the country tunes playing. As I like to call it we were heading for an ‘Instagram Hike’ , we were going to see the amazing nature along with getting some amazing pictures. What is an adventure without some road trip fuel and being in Canada this can only mean stopping at one place, Tim Hortons. We got breakfast, hot chocolate to keep warm and some timbits for the road before we set off again seeing the mountains rising before us in the distance.

As we entered the park, there were mountains over looking us on both sides that had been covered in snow and glittered in the sun. It is quite surreal looking at them and as it looks like someone has painted them , they don’t look real at all. We were stunned to silence in the car and the only words that we could come up with were ‘Wow!’ or ‘Oh my Gosh!’. Our first stop on our trip was to see Athabasca Falls, this was one of the places that we had come in the spring so I was excited to see how the winter weather would transform it. As we arrived , me falling on my butt down the stairs as we walked with excitement to see the frozen falls. The gushing water was turned into a statue of ice, this once free flowing waterfall was frozen in time. Seeing the difference that the seasons can bring was amazing and it also just showed me once again the power that mother nature has in this world. We walked around for a bit and took some photos before heading back to the car to head to the next stop.

Continuing on our Instagram mission we headed to walk up some steps to bring us to a view point so that we could look out over the valley. Once again see the difference here from spring was breathtaking. we got a bit blown away up there and slowly made our way back down trying not to slip and fall on the way down. I went into true tourist mode afterwards and had a little photo-shoot with my Tims and my Timbits. It was really was a great time. This shoot reminded me that the people who will not only take a shoot like that but encourage you to do it are people you want in your life, those who celebrate your crazy and love you anyway. After taking way to many photos, trying to get a Tim’s sponsorship we headed into Jasper Town to get some souvenirs. I collect postcards in all of the places that I visit so I picked one up along with a pair of moose socks to add to my collection. My camp name is Moose so I have started a collection of moose socks to wear.

We had two more stops on the journey and they certainly didn’t disappoint at all, in fact with every turn everything seemed to look better and better. Our next stop was a frozen lake with the most amazing backdrop. The lake also had the snow cleared to make a little hockey rink which was cool. We walked out onto the lake with the mountains towering behind us an I don’t think I have ever felt more grateful for the world we live in and the natural beauty that is all around us. Our final stop as the sun was starting to lower in the sky was to the Maligne Creek. We were heading for a lookout over the top but took a wrong turn and parked where you can walk down to the bottom of the creek. Now as I said we were Instagram hiking so we had snow boots but not the right equipment to walk down there. We started heading down the ‘steps’ that were now just a slide passing people who had all the gear probably laughing at us. We got about half way and decided to turn back not wanting to get stuck walking back up in the dark and seeing that it was getting more slick the further we went. We headed back to the car and took the right turn to find the lookout and as the sun began to set it was the perfect end to the day.

Spending the day in the mountains with all the natural beauty surrounding me was the perfect was to spend my day off recharging the batteries and in great company as well. So with the crocs on for the drive home and the sun really out doing itself as it set we headed for home , with all the photos and memories to last until our next visit.



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  1. ourcrossings says:

    Snow covered landscape is one of the reasons why I would love to go back to Canada in winter and I wouldn’t even mind freezing temperatures, because everything looks amazing! Thanks for sharing, your photos are absolutely stunning! Aiva

    1. xemmamurphyx says:

      Awh thank you 😊 yes when it’s this beautiful a little bit of cold is no problem 😊

    2. Paul Keogh says:

      Great read, Emma, looks and sounds amazing, have a blast, enjoy and keep well, rgds, Paul and nuala

      1. xemmamurphyx says:

        Thank you Paul 😊

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