Taking yourself on a date

I had an idea for this post and as I started writing it trying to be cool and fancy the words just wouldn’t come to me , so I’m just going to keep typing and we will see what happens. Valentine’s Day is coming up which means that we will be bombarded with couples posting their perfect date nights and how in love they are. Don’t get me wrong I am a hopeless romantic and love when people are truly in love and if you are then why shouldn’t you shout it from the roof tops but it also then makes you think why don’t I have that. I have never had a problem with being single as I always have been but this is usually the day when I think to myself , it would be nice to have someone. Someone who you can tell anything, is always there when you need them and loves you unconditionally faults and all.

Today with dating apps and how disconnected we are from people I think it is getting harder and harder to find that person. Before you could go out dancing, find a nice guy or girl and if you hit it off then you would just keep going. Nowadays I feel like we are closer with technology and it makes it easier to “meet” someone but at the same time it makes it so much harder to get to know people and I feel like we are getting further apart. People don’t just go up to people they like anymore and talk , then there are supposed to be all these rules about texting people back and all this. It all just basically makes dating very hard in this century. Along with this social media gives people false ideas of what there relationship should look like making them always looking for perfection and not living in the moment.

Now this may sound like a sob story and that I’m just pining for a partner but I am very happy being single right now, yes there are days when it would be awesome to have that person who is always there but I have so many friends who fill that gap for me. Yes like anyone I think about it and will it ever happen for me , but being alone is not a bad thing.One day yes I know (hopefully) I’ll find someone whether it is tomorrow or two years from now but right now I’m taking everyday as it comes and enjoying getting to know myself. Taking yourself out and getting to know who you really are and what you like will in turn make it easier to find that one. Have you ever gone to dinner by yourself and just sat and had a good time not worrying what people think? So I suppose I’m writing this short post to tell you it’s okay to be alone and be a single pringle, take yourself on a date this Valentine’s Day! Go to a movie, order some pizza, buy yourself some new clothes, buy yourself some chocolate, have a cosy night in , have a cosy night in having some fun, have a dance party. Really just do anything that makes you happy and that you love. Valentine’s Day is a day for love yes but it doesn’t have to be just about romantic love, it can be about love for yourself or even love for the people around you.

So treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and take yourself on a date, because you are amazing !



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  1. Paul Keogh says:

    Great post, Emma, love it! No rush to meet the “right one”, enjoy your time, there’s a whole big world out there to explore, it all gets sorted in the end. Enjoy your weekend, keep the posts coming, lots of love, Paul and Nuala PS, its snowy here, but nowhere near what you get!

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