Forest Picnic

Is there anything better than a picnic in the summer? When you get the perfect day to head out with friends and eat some yummy food it makes summer days great. In London with my friends we decided to head out and have a picnic in the forest beside my friends house because it was a bit dull but still dry and nice. We headed to Sainsbury’s and bought a mountain of food even though there was only 3 of us but hey the more food the better when it comes to picnics in my opinion. As the sun was not exactly shining it was not really shorts weather so I decided to wear some new culottes that I had bought. They are from New Look and the flowy material is perfect for those summer days when it’s not so warm. I wore them with a brunt orange t-shirt from H&M which added a little colour to the outfit. My converse finished off the look as they are perfect for walks in the forest as they are super comfy. All my picnic goodies were carried in my ASOS satchel which was perfect. I am also holding a baguette in the pictures because that was also my job to carry it for the picnic. The day did get a little cold so we returned to the house and continued the picnic indoors but that’s just what happens in summer in our part of the world, can’t count on the weather at all.




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