Christmas Tree Cupcakes and the New Year

Things have been a little hectic over the past few months as I am in my final year of college and the work is crazy so the blog has taken a back seat. I am hoping to get back on the blogging bandwagon in the new year as I have a little time in January before second semester starts to get some things organised and get back to it. I still can’t believe that it is 2016, I mean where did 2015 go, it was over in a flash. It was an amazing year and I got up to some incredible adventures with wonderful people and I am hoping 2016 is going to be more of the same and better.

I did get a little time over Chritsmas to do some baking so I thought I would show you these yummy KitKat Christmas Tree cupcakes I made. These came about after a quick check of Pinterest turned into hours of scrolling through pages just mentally taking note of all the things that I wanted to make. I spotted how to make the Christmas trees out of Kitkat’s and thought it was a great idea to use them as cupcake toppers and so my Christmas Baking was set. I used my trusty Hummingbird Bakery vanilla cupcake recipe that never fails me  with vanilla icing. I go back to this same recipe every time I make cupcakes as it is so simple to follow and makes yummy cupcakes every time without fail. I also think that if you have a good cake base you can play around with the toppings to make them look amazing.

To make the Christmas Trees I got some of the 4 line KitKats and cut them into little triangles, they weren’t perfect but sure baking is all about trying new things and seeing how they turn out. The I got some royal icing with green food colouring and drizzled it over them and then added some sprinkles on top to finish them off. In the end I have to say they looked pretty good and my family thought they were great. I know that I will certainly make these again as they are so easy but look so cool and that is exactly what I want from my baking.

So that’s it for the moment and hopefully as I say I will be a little more active on the blog in the coming months. Thanks for sticking with me.






4 Comments Add yours

  1. C says:

    These look delicious! Happy New Year! 🙂

    1. xemmamurphyx says:

      Thank you, Happy New Year to you too ☺

  2. These are so cute! Will pin for next year!

    1. xemmamurphyx says:

      Thanks, yes definitely they are perfect for Christmas ☺

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